Is AssangeDAO Substack defunct?

On 19 Mar 2019, The New York Times referred to Substack as a “social network,” so I am placing this thread in AssangeDAO Forum’s Social Media category. The official AssangeDAO Substack has not been updated since 12 Feb 2022. This reinforces the impression that AssangeDAO is a one-hit wonder, having scored a spectacular success with its Pak NFT project but subsequently doing nothing newsworthy. If AssangeDAO is to establish itself as a continuing entity and live up to its billing as “a Radical solidarity network to fight for the freedom of Julian Assange,” regularly posting a Substack newsletter might be extremely helpful.

I don’t have that impression. The fact that an Assange activist has come here to ask for assistance would suggest that the public do not have that impression. The public are happy that this DAO has managed to obtain adequate legal funding for Julian Assange.

I just think the DAO should carefully select its next project to free Assange, by focusing on how to expand its base, build on its reputation and clean up the loose ends. The DAO has been a mega success, Tom.

There have been two projects that have received the most interest from the community - so now its time to evaluate - their risk, cost, potential for advancing the DAO. I don’t think any of that should be rushed.

The substack could continue with a brief update about the airdrop and the renewal of treasury funds to fuel the next phase. So a little more information about those two events by one of those writers- a little bit more detail than on the DAO’s twitter.

No point in dismantling. :smiley:

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already asked last week who have access to substack and how we can update it, waiting on a reply