Invite the amir team and silke

Proposal: 1. Recruit developers for the amir team project (symbolic token incentives given by the community, and the tokens will be automatically unlocked after the decentralization of the project), because what the amir team does is also part of justice (the current Blockchain is getting more and more centralized, and people have less and less privacy). 2. Ask the amir team to take time out of their busy schedules to participate in the ama of multiple organizations, and ask the amir team to talk about the future of web3 and the progress of the project and its future development vision (accelerating the decentralization of 3. Invite silke to take time out of her busy schedule to participate in ama among multiple organizations to share the construction experience of community governance framework and legal knowledge related to blockchain (because silke has many years of experience in community framework construction and is also in the field of blockchain) lawyer). The above suggestions are all voluntary and come from Google Translate.

1、为amir团队项目招募开发人员(由社区给予象征性的代币激励,dark.fi项目去中心化后自动解锁代币),因为amir团队所做的事也是正义的一部分(现在的 区块链越来越中心化,人们越来越没有隐私可言)。
3、邀请silke从百忙之中抽空参与多个组织之间的ama为大家分享社区治理框架的构建心得以及区块链相关的法律知识(因为silke有多年的社区框架构建经验也是区块链领域 律师)。 以上建议都遵循个人自愿原则,明智者自然了解这样做的好处。

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