Invitation to Participate in an Academic Research about DAOs

Hello members of AssangeDAO,

We are a research team from the University of Innsbruck. If you wish, you can find a bit more info about our research team here: DAOResearch – Universität Innsbruck
We are currently conducting a survey about DAOs with a particular interest in the dynamics within DAO communities. Therefore, we would like to invite all of you to participate in the research by completing a survey.

The survey can be found here: DAO Survey
The survey might appear long but the questions are quite straightforward. It won’t take long to complete (about 10 minutes).

We are also happy to share the results of the research with you.
We hope that the findings of our research would help you better understand the dynamics among the members as well as assist you in managing the DAO.

All inputs will be treated anonymously and confidentially, of course.
Your participation in the survey is highly valuable to our research and we thank you greatly for your time :+1: