Investigative journalist looking into AssangeDAO

Hey! My name is Chris, I am an investigative journalist.

Here is my twitter: @realchrisbrunet

And here is a similiar story I’ve written about misconduct in the crypto space:

I’ve heard from many people that AssangeDAO was a scam/fraud/rugpull, and I am trying to verify if these allegations have any substance to them. I am trying to talk to everyone I can. If you want to talk, please DM me or email me at

Please point me in the right direction!

‘Out’ - the right direction is ‘out’.

I’ve heard from nobody that most journalists are scammers/frauds/controlled opposition, and I have no need to verify if you in particular are one by asking you directly if you are. If I wanted to talk, I would do it tactfully. I wouldn’t suggest a ‘similar story’ exists with parallels to your dishonesty without gathering any facts whatsoever about your alleged dishonesty.

We know who our enemy is, that it’s insidious, and that we need to be smart to see past FUD and smear. Please troll us better when you’ve put in the effort to do so. tl/dr - reminder: don’t be stupid.

I am trying to parse all the FUD and smear too, my friend, not add to it. And if I were fudding, what would be the point? The project is long dead anyways, I am simply trying to do a post-mortem. There is no project left to Fud.

I simply see lots of inflammatory accusations and I want to see if they have any merit