Interview with Assange DAO core developer

On February 28, 2022, The Crypto Times published Richa Bhagat’s informative interview of an AssangeDAO core developer, whom she does not name. Considering his penchant for anonymity and in light of his contemporaneous post at AssangeDAO’s Telegram channel (where he is an admin) identifying himself as one of the core creators of AssangeDAO, it’s likely this is @EWillHelpYou. In any case, Bhagat’s article opens a window into the history of AssangeDAO as seen through the eyes of someone who helped bring it to life.

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That interview was with @Zylo

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Thank you for the correction!

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Any other good press links you find send it my way to add on Discord channel “official-links”, trying to build there a well documented press directory as well

Thanks for your suggestion but I’ll continue posting here only. I am confused about the relationship between this website and AssangeDAO Discord. Duplicating from one platform to another strikes me as a distraction that undermines the legitimacy of what purports to be the official AssangeDAO website.

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Maybe this interview might be considered suitable.


I will add it and tweet about it tomorrow since today will be about the JBX vote. Thanks for sending

The full report (link below) should be super interesting but needs a very expensive subscription, if someone here have access maybe can make a pdf so other members can see the full report? Thanks

We have his second most valuable NFT, no money in treasury (yet) but thats something worth a lot… an NFT worth 55m owned by a DAO with current 5m market cap… Only from that this DAO is so much undervalued. I don’t understand how members that just care about token price don’t see that.




Amazing, Richa. You did a great job.

Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough; sometimes people deserve more.