Increase the influence of the Assange Award

How we can make the first Assange award more influential and attract more attention is very important. If you have any good ideas, you can talk about them together

Here is the thread for the award:

We shouldn’t create xx threads for one and the same topic mate. Otherwise the forum gets messy.

Proper press/marketing campaign and reach out important media and individual partners.

Prepare a proper press release to be sent with all the information. The Award is already a super strong campaign by itself — first Julian Assange Award!

(and yeah lets use the proper forum threads for this and not a new thread for each discussion about the same topic and for continues chats about this we have a channel in discord that works better for fluid conversations)

OK, I see. I just hope there is a place where I can discuss marketing methods. I don’t seem to have permission to delete this post. I don’t know how to delete this post :scream:

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I think it’s not possible. ^^

Discussions are super in discord, because it’s more like a chat. Quicker kinda. I like the forum too very much. But more for idea collection or proposals etc. Right now, there are not many people using it, unfortunately. Thanks for your participation though!