Immediate Next Steps for AssangeDAO

The current multisig team consists of Silke Noa, Amir Taaki, and Rose O’Leary:

  • Fiskantes has already posted here that he’s stepped down.
  • McKenna has announced to the core team he’s leaving. A formal announcement from him is pending.

The core team now has the primary objective of migrating AssangeDAO to a fully community owned project. The leadership is purely an interim measure until the proper governance processes are functional with the community driving decision making.

The community now has to step up and begin getting involved with the AIP process.

The core team now must stop communicating amongst themselves, and begin moving all discourse to these forums. Ideas can be proposed and discussed by the community on the future direction and vision of the DAO. These can then be drafted into formal AIPs which will eventually go to snapshot voting by JUSTICE holders.

For backstory on the challenges facing us during the auction, see this summary. To ensure no mistakes are made and everything is properly done, we are giving everybody in the core team several days to regroup to have a fresh mind in coming up with an action plan for the future of the DAO, that the community can vote on. People must slow down, gather their thoughts, reflect and come back next week to the DAO with fresh energy working on a regular, consistent but with fixed hours to initiate & formalize the governance process.

We are 100% committed to community owned leadership, and have no attention to jump ship and abandon the supporters of Assange who placed their faith with us. We have a duty and responsibility towards you all, and believe in the value this community still has to offer.


Mate, we need to get some eth back first. That will restore confidence and this also the chance for the “royals” to show their goodwill towards over 10k unique addresses. Anyone talking to them now?


And $justice is for freedom of speech, its mission is beyongd Assange. He is only the first step. I also suggest we change the token name to $truth. Only truth sets us free.


Put in a proposal via the AIP process that can be actioned. Get the community to vote on it. If we can demonstrate to the Assange campaign that the DAO has value for Assange, maybe they will put resources back in or organize more collaborations for the community. Criticism of them will not get the Eth back, only create an us vs them division. They’re already under a ton of pressure so it’s unfair to bring them more heat.


You have very kind heart mate. so a dao raised 50 million for them is not valuable anymore because they have sucked us dry? what are you talking about. I know you want to be practical. But do they? under pressure? they should be. They have acted with extremely low level of ethics. And we are not beggars.

no offence mate. I am just speaking my mind.

I have to say this. the division created by them when they acted without any consideration of people who help them. do they have a heart?

I agree whole heartedly with Amir’s proposition. All conversations should be made public now JUSTICE holders are responsible for all DAO decisions.

As per Amir’s statement I will no longer be apart of the AssangeDAO core contributors nor a multi-sig signer. The reasons for this are simple. I am an advisor to multiple DeFi protocols and looking to start a new position at a DeFi fund and simply cannot afford the time to be full-time on the project.

AssangeDAO has been a huge success. Bigger than I or anyone else could have expected. We truly did something special here. It has been an honour to help the contributors to achieve the DAOs mission. I will be working part-time with Amir crafting AIPs that focus on the long-term vision of the DAO. There’s alot of collective intelligence we can leverage in this DAO.

My last task for the DAO will be crafting a governance proposal with the JuiceBox team to return the 5% ETH that they take as a fee for using their platform. This way the DAO will have multi-millions in ETH in the treasury to fund AIPs proposed by smart dedicated crypto native individuals. We expect to get atleast 95% of the ETH back from the 5% fee. Once the governance proposal is crafted I will link it on the AssangeDAO forum so all JBX holders can vote in favour of it.

History was made here and it was an honour to be part of it. If the DAO wants to consult me for advice at anytime I am more than welcome to aid to the best of my ability.

  • McKenna

Thanks so much McKenna for your work. You have left your mark on its history and the other multisigners are very grateful for your efforts. It will be an honour to have your continuing contributions through the AIP system once we have fully transitioned to community governance in the next 2 weeks.


What. about auctioning the NFT , I’m pretty sure we will get bids above $5m , this way we can move further and faater

The “let’s sell NFT” suggestions are like trying to turn AssangeDAO into an NFT flipper.
We need to stop paying attention to those who sacrifice ETH to earn more ETH.

We need to focus on the goals and mission of DAO.

narodnik, thank you for your work.


Lol. You don’t realise rugpull is official now?

Thank you everyone for the hard work. Ignoring the trolls is hard but it’s also required when building in the public. The DAO was set up to help free Assange, and we have succeeded in the first steps. Whatever path we choose next, I hope everyone doesn’t forget what we have achieved together in the last few days. I thank all the core team who have endured so much and I hope everyone gives people space and time, to regroup, think and decide the future of this noble effort.


it’s pretty obvious by now you are a bad actor.

How? Enlighten me. Please use facts and reasons rather than judgemental words like haters, trolls, bad actors.

And let’s put everything into the light for everyone to see.

Let’s be clear all I want is truth and justice.

And I will keep speaking my mind freely no matter how you try to frame me into someone with ill intentions. Assange was my hero. And I am utterly disappointed by the way the whole thing being carried out.

You are mod in the discord. You have more power and with that more responsibility.

There is currently a proposal being prepared by members of the JuiceboxDAO that would increase the Bonding Curve for exchange of JCB tokens to ETH from 75% to 95%. Discord
This would allow us to reclaim 95% of the 5% ETH we paid to juicebox as fees. I would suggest we vote in favour of this prooposal with our Juicebox tokens.


distribute money to file more suits like mine, against the us govt for depriving me of my civil right to a Free Press by charging Julian.
Bull vs US accepted for trial

This proposal has been approved by JuiceboxDAO.