Ideas make the Dao as open platform for startup incubator for projects that relate to Assange or Justice token

We have lots ideas about what’s next as a DAO.
Our DAO could work as an incubator for those who wants to build. For example , we could set ongoing event like ETHDEV meetings to get teams or small groups of people that work on different ideas relate to Assange or Justice tokens.
We can them as a DAO to decided whether we should put more resources or branding asset to those projects.

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Empty treasury. money has been taken this DAO is a bad project

The problem is that the community already voted against this proposal, because the Assange family stated that we would not be able to retain the Assange name, if the project is involved with things other than Assange, and does not give them a veto over things.

We are working on projects that will raise funds for the treasury. If you would like to assist us in coming up with ideas/drafts or helping develop them, we would welcome it.


not many people will believe in the project

please read the messages from the Assange family here, and ask for a clarification from them.