Ideas: Assange's Wedding (23rd March 2022)

New idea for the protest: Let’s get a big choir to sing a song of freedom.

I remember one year this choir was singing outside of Belmarsh:

Can we organize a wedding choir outside of belmarsh?

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If we can’t organize a choir, than we also could make it ourselves with a p.a. loudspeaker where all people at the protest sing one specific song.



I’m working today to organise:
Love & Freedom Karaoke Party celebrating Julian Assange’s Wedding

Here in Auckland, New Zealand… but possibly could do one online also?


Sounds cool.

Not so sure about the online Karaoke party though. ^^

A concert with popular artists for Assange \ Press Freedom (online & live) would sound more attractive, but that’s not possible in such a short time.

Think there won’t be enough time - with all the big governance votes going through and all of the head “staff” here worked to the max. Ideas take a at least two months to bear fruit. That’s the reality. All of your ideas are beautiful though. we need novel *and sometimes FUN) ideas to go ahead to the proposal stages. . LOGISTICS are always going to need to be addressed.

I disagree. I forwarded the link with the ideas to different teams & supperters too (UK Team for example) and they also can and want put things into action. Our goal is not to create proposals here until the wedding, but to brainstorm ideas how to support Julian on this day and trying to put them into action… We have 5 days and I wish there would be more “hands on” this topic because time is ticking and we would miss an important opportunity if we don’t take action.

We can create some trending #hashtag on social media , etc #323FreeAssange , #Weddingintheprison
Just try to get more attention

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Would be cool to have an announcement in the AssangeDAO / Discord / Social Media (etc.) to ask members / supporters to make a great social media explosion. All at the same time with a huge list of awesome Hashtags and a nice picture to make it trending.

@Zylo @GabrielShipton : Do you think we can organize/announce something like that?

I also will make a summary of all collected ideas this weekend, so we got them in a compact list. (Still open for more of course!)

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Here is a link to information regarding the upcoming protest on wedding-day. They also have interesting ideas in there:

It’s all cool I will participate - always intended to - I meant anything which required $ approvals takes months. Should have been clearer.

For example - if anybody attended a meeting outside Belmarsh, for instance, it would take $$$ approval for AssangeDAO banners/posters to be used by the participants. So whether that is an idea that should be put forward would have to go through the formal process of voting.

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Hi ALL, 1) Ask Stella if we may start a fundraiser for a wedding present of their choice in (herself or Shipton family name and they make purchase) … 2) Co-ordinate with WikiLeaks Shop for a commemorative item/s of Julian’s and Stella’s wedding, I certainly would purchase items for myself and as presents for others, proceeds go to Stella …
3) Ask Roger Waters if online concert is possible enabling supporters to donate to Stella and Julian’s wedding present/needs… 4) Because of time difference, supporters possibly celebrate the same as we do for Julian’s birthday, Christmas, etc., either in a group in One’s own city/town or individually in our homes… 5) “The Truth Sets Us Free” AND “Love Unites” #AssangeWedding printed on banners or on yellow ribbons. Thanks, it’s all I can think of atm . Cheers

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Thank you very much for your contribution! :heart:
I will forward it tomorrow.

I summarized all ideas in the first post now. (Date: 19th March) - Feel free to add more here. I’ll add them into the first post.

On twitter there are a couple of things moving -

Have we heard back fr Belmarsh to have a photographer,
I personally inquired about sending
flowers I haven’t heard back.
We could also have extra cakes drinks for approaching public near where the protest as a stall, to offer them, or even adding this on the on invit?
have money box with Stella and Julian celebration image of them two.
or as posters post cards with a design such as the one on this window, we could send poscards to MP’S Prime Ministers etc.
leaders… It could perhaps soften them…
We could also decorate bicycles, with flowers and cars with wedding apparels…
Special wedding banners…
reminding them
Just ideas…
A question to the designer of the lovely card like at the top of this page, could we possibly print it for postcards, with a copyrights name at the bottom…ffir the purpose of sending as mentionned?
I shall await for replies…

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  • Photographer: I think they sorted it out… Not sure though. It’s more a matter of the legal team I guess.
  • Flowers at the wedding (in prison) won’t be allowed I think…
  • Cakes etc. have been organized already as far as I know. For the public I’m not sure yet.
  • Moneybox seems to be a cute thing, if the right people care about it. Could forward it.
  • The idea, sending postcards sounds super! Also decoration for cars etc. I’ll ask for permission regarding the design of the postcards.

Thank you very much for your contribution. :heart:
I hope some things will be put into action. I myself can’t do everything alone, that’s why I send \ spread our collection of ideas to groups and people.

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Glad to read you and reply…
I will call Belmarsh for flowers bc I may not have a reply in time, only 3 days left now…although it seem unlikely try will accept, this has to be requested it’s a wedding…
Catch up soonish

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Inside the prison we won’t have a lot of chances I guess. The legal team already tries its best to negotiate what’s possible and what not. Of course you can try it… Just guess that they will not accept your request…

What I think so, is that we could be succesful with #FlowesForAssange, that supporters could bring with them in front of Belmarsh… creating a symbol or a text o the floor and make a picture… The problem is, that I’m not on location, so I can’t put things into action there and not many people spread our ideas in order that this event gets bigger. This frustrated me a bit, because I also spent a lot of time with this…

A brilliant idea is useless if nobody puts it into action…

@CorinneM2C - Update on the designs:
Vicky O wrote: all the graphics I create are free for others to use. Assange is what’s important
If you are on telegram there is a group whe

Several of us make graphics and they get parked there for others to use.

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Let’s make this Wedding trending and share on social media!


#AssangeWedding #FreeAssangeNow #FlowersForAssange

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