Ideas: Assange's Wedding (23rd March 2022)

Julian & Stella marry on 23rd of March and I would like to brainstorm with you ideas, how we can celebrate that date or also take actions in order to support them on this glorious day.

(graphic, VickyO on Twitter - thx)

Here are all ideas summarized. If you have any new ones, let me know and I wil add them:

The Wedding Plan:

- Wedding-NFT/Pic:

If there will be pictures, we could turn them into NFTs (e.g. Converters or artists) and give them as a wedding present. Julian & Stella can do with that present whatever they want (in my opinion). If the prison still would not allow a photographer, we could ask a guard? Better a picture, than no picture. We could also partner with Time Magazine ( TIMEPieces | TIME NFT-collection, for example). If the NFT does well this could also be powerful press for the situation and bring more awareness to the lastest UK court decision and the fact an innocent person needs to get married in a prison.

- Wedding Cartoon:

I tried to organize a cartoonist, but he had no time so spontaneously so here is a scene that still is in my head:

In the middle is an altar that looks like a cell. Where both say yes with a warm smile, saying “yes” to each other…

To the left of the cell, the USA is waiting, slobbering, for Assange, also saying yes… and on the right, the UK who is waiting with handcuffs behind their hands, with a USA logo on it, also saying yes…

- Choir + Alternative:

At Christmas, there was a nice Ghospell choir singing outside at Belmarsh. For the wedding it would be cool to add one too. If it’s too late, we could bring a P.A. Loudspeaker (like Laury Love at the October protest) and let all the protesters sing at a specific time, one specific song that Julian & Stella chose, or something that could fit to the situation. Of course, a song that everybody knows would be most impactful, so everybody can sing with it. Would be nice if we could be so loud that Julian & Stella hears it. :blush:

- (Online) Protest:

Can’t make it to Belmarsh and / or want to join also an Online-celebration / Protest? Love Unites!

Let’s make this Wedding trending! #AssangeWedding #FreeAssangeNow

To make this plan most efficient, I suggest to spread the information / time via social media / JADC / DEA / DAO Announcements & at the Protest itself to increase our rea ch. (The sooner the better). Let’s make a great social media explosion! Because of the different time zones, we could try to spread the trending effect and make each online protest at 1 pm in its own time zone, or we make it in a classical way – All at once at 1pm GMT

- Wedding Fundraiser

Is there a present that the Assange Family wants to give Julian / Stella (apart of Julian’s freedom of course)?

John Shipton just created a fundraiser on Facebook. We could theoretically also make a fundraiser for their present? What is the wish? A person with a lot of followers could do the fundraiser – What about Pamela Anderson?

- Online Concert:

Getting some famous artists for a concert (online), to sing about (press) freedom and the create pressure to free Julian would be something cool. The ticket price could be donated to a trustful fund. This idea could get bigger and lead to future events, maybe combined with an Assange(DAO)-award for brave people, sharing the truth with the world. Of course, for the wedding it would be too spontaneous, but we should remember it for the future. On the other hand, I can imagine that huge supporters like Roger Waters would be open minded for an online concert in such a short time gap. He could also enable supporter,s to donate to Stella and Julian’s wedding present/needs etc.

- Wedding Accessories / Banners / Stickers / T-Shirts / Merchandise à Wikileaks-Shop?

I can imagine that Protesters / Supporters would love to buy stuff on location or also beforehand to show up with items to express their support. I still think about a certain object for the wedding. I’d prefer that male protesters / supporters wear a tie on that day and female protesters a different kind of accessory (Headwear?). People around the world could make a picture with it and share #AssangeWedding #TieForAssange etc.

  • #FlowersForAssange: Supporters could bring flowers and put it on a place on the floor, creating a symbol or a text that represents this important day. Picture.

  • Postcards. Supporters could send postcards of the wedding to the PM of Australia (for example).

  • A Moneybox, kept by a trustful person, giving the donations to Stella as a wedding present. (For example)


@Rick_Velvet your ideas have inspired me. I think wedding-NFT is a great idea and this could form a proposal to implement. Make a wedding-NFT airdrop to all token holders with exclusive wedding photos provided by stella (snapshot date for token holders on 23rd March).

Assange and stella’s wedding is the first big event since the founding of AssangeDAO. We need to witness.

I think you can make a proposal for this, it’s not too late.


Thx for your opinion. We still need to collect more ideas. A personal NFT for Julian \ Stella is just one idea. We can of course put several different ones into reality. :ok_hand:t2:

I hope this thread gets more attention, to get more ideas, because we have not much time left anymore.

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I think offering them NFT wont make such a big impact and also it will be difficult to have that implemented on time. The best thing we can give is bringing awareness for their situation and that specific event.

Maybe they can team with a good and know photograph (if possible having photographers at ceremony) to take a good and powerful photo of the wedding. Photo that then could be auctioned by the DAO, on the same day so some press will talk about it. Profits could to Stella and the family, or to a related Assange cause. Maybe pay a % to the photographer aswell.

This could be a good way to celebrate and make the moment for eternity.

We just need to be careful donating to the family because of all the FUD. Maybe DAO treasury can keep a tinny % of the auction but not sure if that will be morally correct. Or the sale from the NFT could be to an outdoor or newspapers camping in the UK

We could also have a second photo that could be airdrop as an NFT for all the wallets that originally contributed and still have tokens

For example a photo like this


I just got a new idea. I know an artist personally. I talk to him now, if he would have time to create a painting as a wedding present. I also have a great idea in my head how it could look like. Could be too late though… Will inform you later.

He has no time unfortunately due his work. The scene that I got in my head though, is pretty clear.

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I think if we can have a super powerful photo that could have a strong impact, but that needs to come from Stella and the family as its a personal event.

I think that would probably make people bid on the NFT since its a important moment and a piece of history

If photographers can’t be there maybe one of this typical court sketch drawing but by a know artist that could make the auction more effective

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Of course. It’s their wedding. I think I already read somewhere about their attempt to bring in their photographer\s. :ok_hand:t2:

Honestly, use DAO’s treasury to donate will almost never be voted through for obvious reasons: plutocrats or something.

The proceeds from auctions through DAO also go to the treasury and how to dispose it needs to be voted on.

But I suppose it could be written into one proposal include one or more unique photos of the wedding will be auctioned off and the amount donated to Stella, and the community airdrops another portion of the photo’s NFT

Honestly, I would appreciate ideas that have nothing to do with the DAO’s treasury. It’s Julian’s Wedding, not ours. ^^ Let’s constructively come up with new ideas and discuss them, when the pool of ideas is more full.


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Agree with your talk. Let’s do something about it.

The idea with the painting:

In the middle is an altar that looks like a cell. Where both say yes with a warm smile, saying “yes” to each other…

To the left of the cell, the USA is waiting, slobbering, for Assange, also saying yes… and on the right, the UK who is waiting with handcuffs behind their hands, with a USA logo on it, also saying yes…

@PMA Maybe we could hire a cartoonist? I would be ready to pay a part of the costs, or maybe even fully, depending on the price.

Im hoping the authorities will ALLOW photos to be taken. At least photos will be allowed of Stella. That could be something that has value. I was also thinking that the kilt, designed by Vivienne Westwood - could be also valuable if Stella agreed.

Edit - to be clearer - Julian Assange will be wearing this kilt for his wedding ceremony.

I guess first thing will be that someone to talk with Stella and see what she thinks about all of this. Hopefully she will have time due today sad news and all the rest she already have to worry.

Someone here in close contact that can follow up this with her?


That link is from the Courage Foundation. Advisory Board | Courage Foundation

The authorities should have to allow photographs, it should not be written in the law that prisoners do not have the right to take photos. I think prisons should at most take into account the leakage of internal facilities.

Even if authorities are not allow, their wedding clothes are also a good testimony.

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They should - however the last time someone took images of him in Belmarsh jail - soon after he landed in solitary confinement.

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We could even partner with Time Magazine (with their collection TIMEPieces | TIME collection, for example). I just not sure how we can work on this to make it happen. If the NFT does well this could also be powerful press for the situation and bring more awareness to the lastest UK court decision and the fact an innocent person needs to get married in a prison.

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Interesting idea, to combine it with Time Magazine. @GabrielShipton. What do you think about it?

We just have 7 days for a graphic… and getting the team on board to organize it and calling Time Magazine. In my opinion only Julian and Stella should own it, coz it should be their wedding present.

Of course we can do more different things too. Time is ticking… Almost 7 days left.

By the way. Is there is a protest for Julian planned at Belmarsh on wedding day? “Let Julian marry in freedom” kinda. Good idea?

Update: I read that there will be one on this day.