Idea: (Virtual) Reality of an innocent Publisher


This idea chould be like an artwork, showing a 360° picture of a prison cell, that represents the daily life of Julian Assange, an innocent publisher. After the idea is polished, we could make it a proposal. It should be a visual (optional acoustically) experience of how it looks & feels like to publish the truth for public interest. The goal is, to show the world a different kind of experience, being three years as an innocent person, in a small prison cell 8 x 12 ft 23 hours per day.

Proposal details:

There are two approaches. Either we try to make a replica of the SuperMAX Florida, or we make an imaginery cell with the same measures. We record a 360° picture or interactive video and turn it into an interactive (virtual) reality experience, highlighted by the acoustical atmosphere, that has been recorded in Belmarsh (for example). On the wall, we could put a quote, that makes a broad statement. (e.g. “This is how publishing the truth looks like”). At the end, when the person leaves the experience, there could be a quote like: “Be careful what you publish. You could be the next.”

The budget depends very much on the production team. I’m a professional audio guy and can improve the existing recordings or make the ambience very intimidating. Because this case is very important for me, I would do it for free.


Text doesn’t deliver these feelings as good as this experience could. Journalism is not a crime and Julian didn’t deserve this fate, just for publishing the truth. Reading that a cell is 8x12 ft big, doesn’t mean automatically that the reader “feels” that size. This experience should change that perception and puts the innocent viewer into the cell.


One of Julian’s own quotes would be useful. Overall I think this is an interesting idea.

An imaginary cell would be better as the current line is he isn’t going to Florida unless he makes an unwritten and non transparent action or someone else he is connected to does.


I see. I chose the SuperMAX cell, because it seems to be an intimitating threat… An imaginary cell is of course also easier to create, because creating a replica also makes the production more complex.

There could be also several quotes in the cell. I think it should be something that really touches the hearts of people and at the same time brings highlights the importance of the case. Like… “You could be next… Be careful what you share. 175 years prison…”

Something that makes thoughtful kinda…


Strong evocative music and 175 years, yes. I have a preference for an oboe. Sounds like you prefer metal!

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You mean because of my idea with rage against the machine? Hm not really. I think it should be more minimal. Room sounds. Realistic. Intimitating.

…but little side fact because you reminded me something. In Guantanamo prison, they used Rage Against The Machine to torture prisoners… They turned it up very loud and for a long time… RATM of course didn’t like it…

Anyway… In my opinion it should be more ambient… Realistic and monotanous… In terms of sound design i’m an expert and I could put any idea into reality. I’m openminded. We can of course make votes for it.


Yes that was what I was referring to.

A new music piece could be named after his two children. Just a thought.

Also artists?

Remember this one - got loads of publicity? The Canary in The Cage - Artists for Assange

Yes. That goes too off-topic now. I wanna stick to the original idea and not fill the thread with too much other stuff. ^^

Awesome idea… David Walsh who created MONA museum in Tasmania pops into my mind reading this… he has a water feature in the museum that drips words and in 2010-11 he has Julian Assange as one of the words in the list… I would have a photo somewhere of it way back as I say for the whole feature to run through the words so I could take a photo of it when it said Julian Assange… I keep trying to get him to do an activist piece solely on Assange but no reply to any requests…perhaps if this was created he would buy it and feature it in his museum here…it’s a great idea…and sort of thing David seems to like…interactive and eerie that makes you deeply think…

Keep me informed with if this will be made…perhaps it can be duplicated and exhibited in many places…if it was created and designed in that fashion

Anyway…fabulous idea

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Yes… it reminds me of Julians Unauthorised book… where he talks about the prison sounds…full of echo and emptiness…metal flaps on doors flipping…sounds of conversations and footsteps in the distance outside… those are the sounds I think need to be used…real prison sounds…


Thx very much. Yes… Still searching for a team. Talked with some people already that suggested me stage builders… They wouldn t do it for free though and the guy with the red camera is not familiar with 360° yet…
My part for the audio will be a piece of cake, coz i got already the material…

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