Idea: The Julian Assange Award by AssangeDAO

Just an idea at this stage for community discussion and brainstorming.

The Julian Assange award could be a yearly award presented by the AssangeDAO to go to someone who has made contributions of knowledge/information to society that is of public importance who has also experienced hardship or persecution due to their work.

Proposal Details
Every year AssangeDAO members could nominate someone for the award.
The award could have a set (static) monetary value in USD or in ETH or in $JUSTICE tokens.
The award could be given out on April 11th (the day Assange was arrested).
Nominees must fulfill certain criteria:
-Someone who has contributed true knowledge/information to society that is of public interest.
-Someone who has experienced hardship or persecution due to their contribution to society.
-Nominees could be shortlisted by voting if there are many nominees (small quorum)
-Final recipient would be chosen by popular vote (large quorum)

Would bring significant recognition to Julian Assange and his case as well as giving back to the community. This award not only could be given to people such as publishers or whistleblowers, but also others such as academics or researchers.

This would also bring significant media attention to the DAO and help the DAO grow to help accomplish it’s mission to Free Julian Assange.


I like the idea. Especially, that people that contributed with their actions to the public get “rewarded”, instead of persecuted.

  • This award definately also should include a certificate with a nice shiny justice symbol and a broad statement on it. Hopefully issued by Julian himself one day? :relaxed:

  • Another catchy name would be “Justice Award” - issued by Julian Assange. But of course, the Julian’s name would be more important, than the catchiness of a name.

  • Maybe we also could combine this with a yearly NFT? Competitors work on an NFT and the community votes which one wins. The NFT will be given to the nominated person. The winner also could initiate an auction with it, which leads to further donations \ charity. Theoretically, we also can just make a donation without the NFT \ crypto in order to make them more efficiently for people that are not into it… Also could be better for the environment and prevent gas fees, making the amount of donations smaller.

  • The person awarded also could make a speech on 11th April, which inspires more people to take the right actions.

I already would nominate Manning and Snowden already.

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I agree with this idea, the more people get to join us, the more influence we will have

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Amazing idea and we should start working on that for the first award this April. Maybe we auction a second NFT before so we have funds for the award? Maybe a % of the NFT could be for treasury and the award the biggest % of that auction. I think we should give award in USDC, ETH or JUSTICE.

Regarding the award title I think Julian Assange Award or Assange Award will be stronger and more effective that Justice Award that is way to general.

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MT:I support the idea, but I have a few additions.

  1. If passed, the first anniversary of the arrest would come in April, Because of the community at the beginning, I think the first year of funding should be funded by the Treasury, the future with the market value of justice increases, in the use of community members donations, and then for community members airdrop gifts or NFT certificates.
  2. The reward should be for people around the world who have made significant contributions, not necessarily highly skilled, but certainly influential people like Assange.
  3. The meaning of the activity is to let people feel the existence of justice, let people in the dark can see a little light, just like the beginning of assangedao donation behavior, can say that this activity inherited our original intention.
  4. The event can be used by the official twitter or the community for global publicity and warm-up.

I agree that it should have ‘Assange’ or ‘Julian Assange’ in the award title.

  • Assange Award
  • Julian Assange Award
  • Julian Assange Justice Award
  • AssangeDAO Assange Award
  • AssangeDAO Award

I personally like ‘the Julian Assange Award’ but I am sure the community can also brainstorm more ideas!


I vote for “Julian Assange Award” since it will always be connected and behind AssangeDAO anyway (for the ones that are worried about market and justice token) and that way is more clear and straightforward therefore more effective in my opinion

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Yeah this is a great idea.


The credibility of the award will be dependent on who’s determining the recipient of the award.

Other stuff to consider:

Provide Awards per region. eg. “The Julian Assange Award for South Asia”, etc… Often, whistleblowers/etc from the ‘global south’ are not recognised in the same way those from the ‘west’ are.

As a result of the recent vote taken on snapshot, I believe that this proposal is precluded.

“Should AssangeDAO continue to focus on its founding premise ‘Free Assange by All Means Necessary’ or Pursue other Activities?”

Since this has nothing to do with freeing Assange, and instead has to do with “pursue other activities” , this proposal is precluded by the results of the vote.

I think this idea is obviously related with free Assange since will bring awareness to his case and situation so doesn’t go against the vote.

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I think this is obviously related with free Assange since will bring awareness to his case and situation so doesn’t go against the vote.

If it qualifies because it also brings awareness to Assange, by placing his name on it, then the vote really didn’t change anything at all, other than requiring placing the Assange name onto it.

I disagree with you and no better way to vote on that, simple and clean! For me there are many powerful indirect initiatives that will help Assange and thar will still respect the vote, this is one of them. We vote and see majority will agree (that I believe so) and then if you aren’t happy with the DAO (or token) you just simply can leave and stop making us look time and words!

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Our mission is to Free Assange. In my opinion we don’t need to limit the DAO’s abilities/proposals/focus/objectives to anything beyond that.

If this idea wasn’t helpful to Freeing Assange then the Assange Family would not have just said it is a great idea.

More international recognition of Julian Assange and an award issued in his name that his family endorses could bring significant attention and support to his case.

Julian’s case is a political case that has to be one by the public. Only public pressure will see the US Government drop the case.

His court fight is very important but it is not the full battle for his freedom.


You are the one who created the first proposal, to limit the amount of scope creep in the project, and that proposal passed. The proposal was not “should we limit our focus to whatever the Assange family likes”, even if that is what you would like it to imply, there has to be an objective analysis from the point of view of the shareholders who voted, from the language of the vote itself, whether the activity will actually free Assange, or whether it is outside that scope as an “other activity”.

I had already told you that the first proposal was written badly, and that it did not reflect the community will, because it provided a false dichotomy, but you proceeded to go with it anyways, so you cant change your mind now, just because you have the “great idea”. Instead you need to create a new governance proposal, to ask the community for permission to change the “core mission” again, to include the options I told you.

*The only mission is to Free Assange.
*Free Assange, among other activities.
*Only pursue other activities.

More international recognition of Julian Assange and an award issued in his name that his family endorses could bring significant attention and support to his case.

So does a great number of other projects, solely by virtue of branding it with his name, but the question presented was not “should we focus on proposals promoted by the Assange family”, and you cannot use the “maybe it might free Assange, in a round about way, through several steps of speculative and hypothetical circumstances” to avoid it. The shareholders care very much about token price, which is why they have limited the amount of issuance, and giving away money for something not connected to the new core mission, is violating the fiduciary duty to the shareholders.

Only public pressure will see the US Government drop the case.

This is truly delusional, and demonstrates that you have no idea how the US justice system works. The grand jury has already secured an indictment, if the judge thinks that there is political interference, he is likely to appoint a special prosecutor / special counsel not controlled by the government. The entire premise of the “independence of the judiciary”, is that you cannot get away with a crime, simply because you have friends in high places, see e.g. the prosecution of Jussie Smollett and Michael Flynn.

His court fight is very important but it is not the full battle for his freedom.

Sure, but good luck getting a pardon from Joe Biden, Biden has claimed that Assange is a terrorist, and there is no way this DAO is going to have more influence with Biden, than the military and intelligence agencies, who claim to be harmed by Assange. The whole point of why we have the “independence of the judiciary”, is so that Assange is judged by a jury of his peers, based upon the facts and evidence, rather that in a political theatre. The first question that is going to be asked of potential jury members is: “do you know who Julian Assange is?”, which will be enough to remove them from the jury.

I personally think ZZZ’s (…and other’s) ideas are awesome and very valuable in order to fullfill our common goal.

Are you here because you want to help Julian, or to deconstruct everybody’s ideas? I mainly read criticism, but rarely see constructive contributions to turn great ideas of the people to ‘brilliant’ ideas.

You need to read my other posts. I have proposed many things that will actually help Assange, but I have little tolerance for stupid ideas and bullshit. Most often when there is a critical failure in project, it is because people are too afraid to point out the stupid ideas and bullshit early. In the science and engineering discipline, it is actually normal to criticize other peoples proposals, which helps make the proposals better, and I encourage you to criticize my proposals, it will help make them better.

I will read them. I just read a lot of critizism of you since I’m in the forum and I like that you analyze all single aspects of people’s ideas. For a scientific approach and also constructive conversations, that lead to something cool, it’s also important to offer solutions, not just bringing reasons why something isn’t good, stupid or won’t work etc.

I know it’s not always easy, but trying to bring also a solution to a critical reply, can make things much better as a team. If you focus so much energy on deconstructing people’s ideas, than your ability to bring at the same time solutions could be very beneficial for the collective.

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We should vote on this so we can move forward if the vote pass and start planning this on time for Assange arrested day.

@endomorphosis seems you are only that is negative vocal about this matter and honestly seems that everyone is tired of what you trying to do here so please consider why are you here

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Yes. Let’s do it.

I love the idea and will also think how to polish it more. I definaltely will be one of the voices that will vote for it. :heartpulse: