Idea: Should AssangeDAO (eventually) buy $JUSTICE tokens for future use?

Since the minting of $JUSTICE tokens will likely be closed, should the AssangeDAO use some of it’s Eth (when it gets some) to buy $JUSTICE tokens for it’s own future use?

This would allow the DAO to be able to award $JUSTICE tokens in the future, it could also bring more stability to the $JUSTICE token price.


I think its a good idea, I guess we should vote as soon we get them back? Whats the process and situation on that front?

Sorry, get what back?
I was under the assumption that the DAO treasury actually has liquid assets of approximately $2M by exiting Juicebox DAO, but I may be incorrect.

edit: it may be around $700k
source: Gnosis Safe

I understood that it still need to be claim from juicebok as its in JBX token? I might understood wrong. Maybe someone who knows can explain what is the exact situation? Thanks

Yeah sure sir, buy back $Justice to help token price and have fund fo awards in the future. Best idea currently.

It is a good way, when the Treasury has money

Why not just propose a token swap contract between the juicebox tokens and the justice tokens in a joint proposal between both DAOs?

Yes, especially while the tokens are selling so cheap on the open market. I think buying and utilizing the Justice tokens will increase the legitimacy of this effort and help not only raise funds as it bolsters the coin price, but also raise awareness and willingness for other individuals and organizations to get involved in the fight for his freedom. It will also open many avenues for this DAO to continue Julian’s work and the fight for truth once he is exonerated and able to get back to uncovering corruption and lies. This organization doesn’t have to end once the original goal is met, we can utilize the tokens, earnings and infrastructure to build a truly decentralized, well-intentioned and internally power-balanced group that stands can keep the powers of the world honest. This can be so much bigger than just one man.

The crypto community donated ETH to help the Assange family save Assange, the Assange family needs to help Justice increase the market value. What the Assange family wants is to save Assange, and the crypto community wants the high market value of Justice, which is common sense.

However, the fact is that the Assange family doesn’t care about the interests of the Justice encryption community at all. So far nothing has been done to help increase Justice’s market cap. So what does the Assange family need?

加密社区捐赠ETH帮助Assange家族拯救Assange,Assange家族需帮助Justice 提高市值。Assange家族要的是拯救Assange,而加密社区要的是Justice的高市值,这是常识。