Idea: Rage Against The Machine - Hymn of Freedom

Tried to find contact details of Rage against the machine, but wasn’t succesful.

I remembered Tom Morello (the guitarist), which also participated in the Belmarsh Tribunal, also worked on a song in spanish for Julian.

I would like to ask RATM to make a Anti-War \ free the truth \Assange hymne. Perfect time of that idea actually, considering these dark times

I could try it myself as a musician, but most people know RATM and that’s why I think it would be more impactful, coz they are also the face of rebellion in the music scene somehow and Tom seem to have a clear message regarding Julian \ Anti War.

I remember the Guantanamo prison, used Rage Against The Machine to torture prisoners… RATM of course didn’t like it of course. @RATM: I think it’s time to take revenge…

Can anybody give me contact details or does anybody know Tom? Would be nice to work on a cool hymn with them.


Here’s that song with Julian and Tom Morello! They are both half way through.

I remember, but that’s not RATM, mate… Apart of that, if you don’t know spanish, you don’t understand a sh… Not really a hymn…

Something else:

Off-topic… I didn’t ask what already exists Matt… but what to create… Because of the past developement and the clear message Tom mentioned at the Belmarsh-Tribunal some days ago, I want to ask the band for support…

No offense… Apart of that, that video \ song with the Logo on your shirt looks more like self-promotion, than a real hymn… It has nothing to do with the topic of that threat…

‘Self-promotion?’ Are you for real? You think Aotearoa 4 Assange is a business? I work my ass off for months for nothing and very little thanks.
All the proceeds go to Julian’s campaign.

Sry. Just saw the same logo of your shirt at the beginning of the video and because it had nothing to do with RATM and the thread, it seemed to me very off-topic. Didn’t want to be rude. :v:t2:

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I got it man. Cheers. I don’t have a link to RATM but anything’s possible. No doubt they’d make something cooler than this. but until they do… haha. Taking matters into our own hands.
You gotta find someone that knows them. Or try get your request to go viral somehow.

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It suddenly occurred to me that maybe I could make a music NFT

It suddenly occurred to me that maybe we could turn the music about Mr. Assange into music NFT

Any mainstream coverage would be greatly beneficial. A lot of folks out there are simply not aware of who Assange is, or what’s at stake. If RATM could make a song that somehow relates to Assange, that would be a big plus.

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