Idea: Fusion of Freedom – Bundle up movements to beat the Algorithms


Creating a synergy between movements in order to become louder & have therefore a bigger impact on our purpose. This would influence many different algorithms, which makes it harder for the main-stream media to ignore our fight for justice. This could make our attempt to free Julian much faster and make this world a better and especially more honest place. At the same time, we could get more support and people into our DAO, if we want to connect it.

** Details:**

This idea goes back to the climate leaks (figure example 1.1) of Wikileaks & the hollow promises from the last G20. I remember that Greta Thunberg was marching with her FridaysForFuture-Movement exactly one day after Assange’s court date in October 2021, which had a bigger impact in media, than our fight. When I was in London and saw this, it made me thoughtful and I started connecting the dots. I just bring this as an example here. In reality, with the right approach it’s possible to see common goals everywhere, because they usually lead to one and the same thing.

Systemic Problems need Systemic Solutions. The approach is to connect the dots and merge our power to achieve a common goal - to make our world a more peaceful environment and not a destructive one. This can only happen with honesty to ourselves and others. I believe that neither we, nor Greta would disagree with this issue, that we discover on a daily basis in politics / economics etc… Without the climate leaks for example, many people would not be aware of several issues in this area.

This is the approach, why we should try to get in touch & combine movements to something bigger. Only together we can be strong. Greta has just on Twitter & on Facebook together 8 Million followers and she doesn’t get censored, compared to the thing that we fight for. The algorithms & the main stream media also seem to have no problem with her. I believe that there is a way that she recognizes the importance of an honest & free press. Without the climate leaks, she even wouldn’t know many things & if she would say just ONE word, it could make a huge impact for our movement and also beneficial for her movement.

Whatever we may know of her, could be a biased opinion, such of many other people we may not know. But this, is not a reason to not consider a way to improve somehting. I personally think it’s always important to make pros & cons about an idea before kicking it into a trash bin. It’s always possible to fine-tune it too… That’s also my job every day. Often, ideas that sound maybe not nice at the beginning can impress or impact suddenly many people at the end.

How to do it? Greta is every Friday in Stockholm. In my opinion, that’s the best opportunity, to give her a letter or send a person of trust to talk with her about it. I think the personal way, could be the best way to be honest. I repeat. This is just an example. It also could be Black lives matter, animal rights or Britney Spears, which also had to fight for a different kind of freedom not long time ago… It literally doesn’t matter, because all dots are connected, more or less.

I think we could connect different approaches between every movement, like in that Greta example. Of course it also could work with Leonardo Di Caprio (if he wouldn t be pissed about the leaks, regarding his private jet…) Every movement or person has somehow a positive connection with leaks that are important to them.


The urge for honesty and justice. The truth and freedom lovers. We all have these values in common in one way or another. This idea is in my opinion worth to think about it because of the advantages mentioned above and if there is disagreement - than I of course look forward for improvements or counterarguments, if you think that the idea is not worth it. Apart of that, it doesn’t cost any $. Just a print out and an honest heart, that believes that we can reach freedom with unity.

(Fig. 1.1)

Because of the present terrible war situation, I believe that this fits now very much:

If the world is spreading hate and war with lies, we have to spread peace through truth!

Another example forsocial media:
#StopWar #FreeAssangeNow #AllLivesMatter #FridaysForFuture #ClimateAgainstWar #Unity4Peace
#FusionOfPeace #StandUpTogether

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這個想法可以追溯到 Wikileaks 的氣候洩漏(圖例 1.1)和上一次 G20 的空洞承諾。我記得在阿桑奇 2021 年 10 月的法庭日期之後的一天,格蕾塔·桑伯格正在與她的 FridaysForFuture-Movement 一起遊行,這對媒體的影響比我們的戰鬥更大。當我在倫敦看到這一點時,這讓我深思熟慮,我開始把這些點聯繫起來。我只是在這裡舉個例子。實際上,通過正確的方法,可以在任何地方看到共同的目標,因為它們通常會導致相同的事情。

系統性問題需要係統性解決方案。方法是將這些點連接起來,合併我們的力量以實現一個共同目標——讓我們的世界成為一個更加和平的環境,而不是一個破壞性的環境。這只能在對自己和他人誠實的情況下發生。我相信我們和 Greta 都不會不同意這個我們每天在政治/經濟等領域發現的問題……如果沒有氣候洩漏,例如,許多人不會意識到這個領域的幾個問題。

這就是方法,為什麼我們應該嘗試聯繫並將動作結合到更大的東西上。只有團結起來,我們才能變得強大。 Greta 剛剛在 Twitter 和 Facebook 上擁有 800 萬粉絲,與我們為之奮鬥的東西相比,她沒有受到審查。算法和主流媒體似乎對她也沒有問題。我相信她有辦法認識到誠實和自由新聞的重要性。如果沒有氣候洩漏,她甚至不會知道很多事情,如果她只說一個字,它可能會對我們的運動產生巨大影響,也對她的運動有益。


怎麼做? Greta 每週五都在斯德哥爾摩。在我看來,這是最好的機會,給她一封信或派一個信任的人與她談談。我認為個人的方式,可能是誠實的最好方式。我重複。這只是一個例子。也可能是黑人生命問題、動物權利或布蘭妮斯皮爾斯,不久前它們還必須為另一種自由而戰……這實際上並不重要,因為所有點或多或少都是相互關聯的。

我認為我們可以將每個動作之間的不同方法聯繫起來,就像在 Greta 的例子中一樣。當然,它也可以與萊昂納多·迪卡普里奧(Leonardo Di Caprio)一起工作(如果他不會因為洩密,關於他的私人飛機…)每個動作或人都與對他們來說很重要的洩密有某種積極的聯繫。


對誠實和正義的渴望。真理和自由愛好者。我們都以一種或另一種方式擁有這些價值觀。我認為這個想法值得考慮,因為上面提到的優點以及如果存在分歧 - 如果您認為這個想法不值得,我當然期待改進或反駁。除此之外,它不花費任何美元。只是一個打印出來的和一顆誠實的心,它相信我們可以團結起來達到自由。



#StopWar #FreeAssangeNow #AllLivesMatter #FridaysForFuture #ClimateAgainstWar #Unity4Peace
#FusionOfPeace #StandUpTogether

These “ultra-movements” that you describe are usually called political parties.

You State

Systemic Problems need Systemic Solutions. The approach is to connect the dots and merge our power to achieve a common goal

But you have not described what the problem is, what the system is, and what a solution is.

I will throw you a bone:
If the problem statement is that Julian Assange is being extradited because of a systemic problem with the criminal justice system, then the answer is to build better tools, that will remove the power and discretion of the US Department of Justice through applications of appointment of independent counsel, or to automatically file writs of Habeas Corpus to demand that Assange is freed.

Thx for your “bone”, that you threw for me on the floor. I just don’t know what to do with it. :relaxed:

I didn’t mean parties at all, but like I mentioned movements and I was quite clear that a lack of honesty (censorship \ politics & economy) is a serious problem and the algorithm + main-stream media’s ignorance \ censorship, not to forget… Personally, for me the dots were clearly visible & connected, but apparantly I was not clear enough…

Thx & Cheers. :raised_hands:t2::star2:

Hey, what’s your proposal actually proposing? Can you provide more details about what action would need to be taken? Thanks

@Folks. Because of the present terrible situation this draft should get more attention, because I believe that it’s the right time to spread the “truth” now, to prevent war. Please help me to polish this idea. I’m confident that as a collective, we can make something great with this.

If the world is spreading hate and war with lies, we have to spread peace through truth!

Another example on social media, that could fit now…

#StopWar #FreeAssangeNow #AllLivesMatter #FridaysForFuture #ClimateAgainstWar #Unity4Peace
#FusionOfPeace #StandUpTogether

@伙計們。 由於目前的可怕情況,這個草案應該得到更多的關注,因為我認為現在是傳播“真相”,防止戰爭的正確時機。 請幫我完善這個想法。 我相信,作為一個集體,我們可以用這個做出一些偉大的事情。



#StopWar #FreeAssangeNow #AllLivesMatter #FridaysForFuture #ClimateAgainstWar #Unity4Peace
#FusionOfPeace #StandUpTogether


This is a creative idea. I think Assange’s case seems to be attracting less attention from young people, whereas now sensational social events by young people are mainstream. We need to attract more young people to join us both directly and indirectly, so uniting more influential people or organizations to speak out with us is a good idea. Let the people who support their cause also understand and support Assange, and let us speak out for their cause as well.
I think first we should choose a person or organization and then propose a proposal to reach out to them in the name of AssangeDAO. Let’s think about who is the first suitable candidate.


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Thank you. I think the more candidates or movements, the better. Now, another common approach is, that actually “we”, the population don’t want any wars and there’s no reason for an innocent publisher being in prison! Julian wanted to establish peace through honesty and this needs to be shared! If they spread anger, we have to answer with peace through honesty! :heartpulse:

謝謝你。 我認為候選人或運動越多越好。 現在,另一種常見的方法是,實際上是“我們”,人們不想要任何戰爭,沒有理由讓無辜的出版商入獄! 朱利安想通過誠實建立和平,這需要分享! 如果他們傳播憤怒,我們必須誠實地回答!

You need to come up with a specific plan, and arrange how everyone will do it

I’ll make the information more compact. Right now I would like to polish the idea with the contributions of other people’s thoughts and ideas, in order to make it as great as possible. :star2:

The focus should be on freeing Assange IMO. Primary goal. I don’t see this as something that should be dissolved into too many other causes right away. Not for some time, until the main goal is achieved and Assange himself can speak.

I think you misunderstood the idea. It’s about beating the algorithm. Did you see the reactions when Greta for example shared something about the Ukraine War? Immediate attention from all sides. Imagine she would say a word about the climate leaks \ Assange. Immediate attention.

Read carefully and bring constructive arguments and by the way… I read your original message before you completetly edited it, because I got it via mail…