Idea: Coordinated (Online) Protests


The goal would be to organize coordinated Comment-Flashmobs on defined media-organizations and / or politicians that ignore Julian’s case. They should know our opinion and not forget the Assange-case. President Biden for example praises press freedom and the first amendment but ignores the case completely and the white house always refers to the DoJ (Department of Justice). Years pass and it’s time take action against this silence and censorship and remember forgotten events… These actions could increase the pressure to free Julian and also could bring more attention\support to our DAO, if we want to connect it.


Details would be the specific dates, time, targets and the messages. I think everybody could join with this action and it also doesn’t cost anything. People that have censored tokens of Pak could post these and combine it with #FreeAssangeNow etc. in order to make it trending and also evoke attention to our project that was not very present in the media.

Here are some interesting dates for possible flashmobs:

23 March 2022 - Innocent publisher marrys in prison. Drop the charges!

5th April 2010 - Release of the collateral murder video

3 years ago Assange got kidnapped from the embassy - 11th April 2019

11 years ago, Guantanmo leaks 24th Apr. 2011

Vault 7 leaks 07th March 2017

International World Press Freedom Day 03rd May 2022

03 July - Julian’s 51st Birthday

6 years ago, Yemen Files 25th Nov. 2016

9 years ago, Snowden fled with the help of wikileaks ??th July 2013

Dates of awards / honours / important etc.


The urge for honesty and justice. We all have these values in common in one way or another. This idea is in my opinion worth to think about it because of the advantages mentioned above and if there is disagreement - than I of course look forward for improvements or counterarguments, if you think that the idea is not worth it. Apart of that, it doesn’t cost any $. Just announcements & instructions of the upcoming dates.


It’s a great idea, but it doesn’t require a proposal, just community mobilization

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This is not a proposal, but an idea. It still needs to be organized carefully in order to have the biggest impact - I suggest: Anouncements \ mails \ social media etc.


What would they perform for extra attention by media? Holding signs up has been done in significant places around London by very dedicated people - those examples, yellow ribbons - have been noticed. The people in Piccadilly, the people daily outside Belmarsh, noticeboards, noticeboards on vans? Lots of this has been done.

The only thing not done is a flash mob style dance thing.

Also not sure about the wedding timing - almost sacred to upstage.

Just a matter of creativity… For example, on wedding day, we could comment on certain posts stuff like: “Let an innocent publisher marry outside of a high security prison and drop the charges now. #FreeAssangeNow”.

The idea was meant for online, but of course it doesn’t mean we can’t expand such actions outside too, like places like in Washington… Signs like “Let Assange marry in freedom” for example… There could be many options…

I think coordinated commenting on certain days of important past events would be perfect for that… Reminding and honouring them and at the same time creating pressure to free Assange. I guess it’s simple.

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I would like to keep momentum here because the possible dates that I have mentioned, come closer and I’m afraid that this Thread gets ignored, like the wedding-Thread, missing opportunities to take action…

The Wedding, could have been one date for this action, but we had no anouncements anywhere, or people discussing it with me in this DAO.

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Love your idea. We missed the wedding date but we can do this on 4/11. Do you know how exactly this can be done? Thanks.

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Could pencil in 51st birthday on 3 July 2022


Next BIGGIE is the 5 April - which is the day of the release of the Collateral Murder video in 2010 which placed Wikileaks on the map and resulted in a target being placed on Julian Assange for the publication of a military war crime.

At the beginning of the video this was displayed on the screen

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I would love if our DAO would make anouncements for upcoming online protests in discord \ forum \ social media and spread it also on groups outside of the DAO to make it more impactful.

To bring consistent action, I also recommend this idea:


Thx. Has been added. There are many days to add because there are so many different kinda leaks and events that the world has to remember. This fact also brings up the idea to remind other movements and groups to the importance of Wikileaks and Assange’s service in past. For example there were also many climate leaks and Fridays For Future only knows about some information because of the climate leaks. They shouldn’t forget that and appreciate it in my opinion in also saying a word about the importance of the climate leaks. This would boost the attention of the case…

For more information:

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