Idea: Artificial Intelligence Art for Assange

Since I’m not a painter, but having many pictures in my head how paintings could look like, I was impressed by discovering the possibility to feed artificial intelligence with the description of the pictures in my head, so they can create it for me.

Of course, the first thing that came on my mind, was to use it for activism, so I created the following artwork just using some words (Assange, Autumn, Squirrel) that are visible in the picture, as an example:


The possibilities are of course endless. I think this has potential to come up with a campaign, where activists use their descriptions to create artwork through artificial intelligence, using such tools, since not everybody, inclduding myself, is so skilled to make sophisticated artwork within such a small amount of time. We could choose a specific date, where activists post their Ai painting, with a hashtag like #AiArtForAssange

On 8th of October, supporters will create a human chain around the parliament in London. Maybe people, that are not able to participate, could join an artificial human chain, created through an artificial intelligence.

Art is a form to make people aware of Julian’s situation and I thought it’s somehow cool to create art through artificial intelligence. We could combine this campaign with a voting \ competition \ NFTs?

Absolute it‘s can be murge together.

I am working on a photoshop plugin for the “stable diffusion” open source text to image and image to image model. I had originally proposed this a number of months back, but I am dissatisfied with the management that have no clue how to run an org.

I see. Didn’t notice it. I found amazing generators on the internet, without the need of photoshop. The 8th of October is pretty soon. Since I don’t really see any community involvement, I doubt that the DAO will be able to combine the human chain art idea with the 8th October unfortunately. Still got hope though, that people that won’t be able to be in London do something on this day too, with or without the DAO.

yes, that is what i said, it is “open source”

@Rick_Velvet These could be minted as NFT in the proposed NFT platform that Zylo and others are developing.

Yeah. My main point was to accompany the human chain event on 8th of October online too with an Ai-Art competition or something like that, because there will be also people that won’t be able to join in London.