I hope you can participate in the reorganization of Dao together! It's about the survival of justice!

I hope you can participate in the reorganization of Dao together! It’s about the survival of justice!

In view of the family’s inaction on Dao, I suggest you vote to restructure Dao. Its meaning will be justice!

Since the family does not care about Dao and does nothing, let the community autonomy, and the family gives up management.

We have no way to let them return to eth, and no matter what they do with the money, we just want them to give up the management right of justice currency and hand it over to the community.


  1. Support the family to continue to manage justice Dao

  2. Hope the family will give up management justice Dao

  3. Family and community co management









  1. Family don’t manage the DAO, they help how they can and they have ability to veto proposals as voted here Snapshot
  2. The DAO is called AssangeDAO, not JusticeDAO
  3. Family don’t have to return any ETH, ETH was never theirs. We contributed and bought a Pak NFT, ETH was donated by Pak to the foundation, as explaining thousands of time already and that matter is closed.
  4. Admins kind of left the DAO alone: @Zylo was doing a great job but then is vanished, @EWillHelpYou was supposed to came and save the DAO but vanished since weeks. @GabrielShipton is helping how he can with is free time but he is isn’t a admin, he just want the best for Julian and for the DAO.
  5. DAO have indeed a lack of leadership and a proper team define with autonomy to move things forward
  6. before we didn’t have funds, now we have funds, its been a a week and nothing happens and no words or anything by the original core-team or admins, at the moment are the only ones that have authority to do anything.
  7. other active members (like myself) are trying the best they can but with very limited power or autonomy not much can be done or achieved. those members are and will become less active due the frustration in donating their free time for almost not results and nothing really happens
  8. there is no such thing “management right of justice currency”
  9. you are probably new here and just care about the price of the token, thats not why this DAO exists or why we are here, so if you want to help bring ideas how to help Julian, how to make this DAO grow, bring ideas for initiatives instead of proposing to vote on something that doesn’t make sense or is not even correct.

Absolutely correct PMA. It is such an insensitive and unnecessary comment about the family “not caring” about the DAO. Their son, husband and brother is the heart and soul of this DAOs mission. It is HIS reputation and THEIR reputation solely on the line. This DAO has its prestigious position because it carries Assange’s name.

But who are the Admins now?

If there is no one available, we should check in with Gabriel and try to recruit someone who has expertise in managing DAOs (or disband?) IMO.

Or appoint somebody temporarily - someone who can write the next proposals to sort out the next growth phase.

Is the in-house lawyer, Silke still available?

Also with regard to that $400K - is it being protected from financial loss? I think that is essential at this moment in time. @GabrielShipton

Don’t get too nervous, it’s a bear market. By the middle of the next bull market, things will look good. Please trust me.

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Admins: from what I know the main admin is still Zylo, altho it’s been weeks since he is really active. Then Silke helps when she can (she mention that she doesn’t time for more) and E honestly I have no idea about his end game: stormed the DAO promising this and that, supposed to be our the saviour but the things didn’t move how he wanted or moved slow or whatever and he simple disappear (or at least doesn’t seems that is around much). Gabriel isn’t a admin from what I think and he helps how he can

Agree that we should recruit and hire someone high-skilled in managing DAOs. That understand crypto and things should function. Someone with proper experience to be the project leader, to finish governance, move forward some initiatives, supervise a team that we urgently need to define and put at work. We now have funds and that should be the priority since the current situation is simply working and is getting worst everyday. @GabrielShipton it will be great to have your input here?!?

Regarding treasury, I agree with @Hezi, we probably near the bottom for ETH so changing now doesn’t make sense. Even if the price dip a bit more it will recover and we shouldn’t do any trading with those funds. Maybe for security we could swap 20-25% to USDC but I think we are better with ETH in a mid-term.


The core group is working well. Hitting short term milestones, Airdrop, JBX Eth redemption etc.
But agree that getting some pros & Operations lead would really push to next level.


PMA - can you write or get an admin to write a Draft Proposal - Gabriel just agreed in principle to recruit a a person with the operational know how and time to grow the DAO? Does the DAO community support such a recruitment drive?

Examples of some of the selection criteria - the DAO community could discuss these aspects.

I have no admin writes besides helping posting on Twitter or Discord Mod but I can write a draft like everyone, but without admin support it wont get anywhere and it will probably get lost like my last attempt to write a draft proposal for the Assange Award to see of was the community wish to move head with the award initiative — Proposal Draft: Award by AssangeDAO - #36 by PMA

Also traveling this week so don’t really have the time. Can you dont write a proposal draft and post here? thats is the current procedure.

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Yes, we need some people to work. There are two directions to choose people. One is to use eth to buy back justice and pay wages with tokens. The second is to choose those who hold tokens, so that they can get rewards while working (hard work, token value increases)

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I think we should hire someone with deep knowledge in crypto and high-skilled in managing DAOs. Someone with loads of experience to be the operations leader, help finishing governance, move forward initiatives and supervise a team (finance, media, cex listing, activism, etc). In my opinion payments should be in USDC or ETH (monthly average) not justice. No point in buy justice so that someone will probably sell after, this wont do any good for the price in my opinion. This position should be seen as a job rather than a collaborator/supporter and have precise weekly/monthly goals decided by the community members and the core-team

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According to the current community facts, the Assange family is completely unprofessional and unable to lead the Assange DAO community well. They must accept more professional suggestions and proposals from the community and hand them over to the community users for autonomy
The currency price has dropped 20 times, and Assange Dao is a scam in the eyes of users in the crypto world, which is determined by the attributes of cryptocurrency. Now the community is divided, and the biggest responsibility should be taken by the Assange family and the multi-signer representatives. The community must be rebuilt and restructured in order to save Assange Dao


I think it should be divided into external employees and currency holders. Wages should be paid in token and linear on the premise of token appreciation. External employees who hold coins will also become part of Dao. This is the correct way to use DAO tokens. If everyone becomes a “shareholder”, then everyone will carefully manage our community, so that there will be many people who are willing to do things. Of course, the premise is trust. If we can’t trust these holders all the time, then these things we are discussing are meaningless

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I think that position for operations leader needs to be someone with loads of experience and to work full time job. since people have living costs we can’t expect that they hold those tokens they get for paying their job if we want full to full comity and a full timr position.

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Embrace community governance, they already have ETH and don’t want to do anything

Maybe they don’t care at all

Stop telling people why they are here, there are people who had investment backed expectations, there are people who (for example me) were looking to create a DAO based civil rights litigation organization.

A quick reminder:


Well, if we want to keep to that mission, then lets just get directly to it, and hire an attorney to file a pretrial writ of habeas corpus, and stop dicking around with other nonsense like airdropping NFTs

This event on world press freedom day has been sponsored by donators and the fund of this DAO has not been touched. Many people over the world expressed their urge for Julian’s freedom on World Press Freedom Day and spreaded not only their urge, but also the name of this DAO. Therefore, it was not nonsense at all. It was not the best idea ever of the marketing and donators, but at least we did something on this important date (especially if you consider that ultra-short amount of time). Stella and Wikileaks shared it too, just like many other supporters. Every step, that supports the freedom of Julian, is worth it.

I read your habea corpus idea already many times and it’s not my fault if nobody shows interest in it. I doubt that repeating it in almost every thread makes it better.

Yeah, because the majority of people aren’t lawyers, they just want to be involved in low effort tasks, which have no real impact on actually achieving the stated purpose of the DAO.