I have 7 years of experience in cryptocurrency operations

I have 7 years of experience in cryptocurrency operations。
I think I can also be a full-time operating officer. But I also need to earn living costs. If there is a better candidate, I hope he can come to serve as a full-time operating officer. If there is no better candidate, consider me. I only need a salary of $20,000 a year.

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I think everyone can recommend themselves while listing their expected salary.

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Hello Hezi.

I created a Job Thread for all kinda positions. If you want, you can add your personal offer here:


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Very useful. Keep posted.

Say person - he/she/they - doesn’t matter!!!

Hello, I think we lack a leader now. I suggest giving priority to finding out this leader and dispersing other workers. This will be more efficient. I suggest that maybe Zian or BZ is suitable for the post and give them a multi signature status. If they want

This is bZ dao, how dare to ask assanqi Dao for salary, bZ this garbage has no operation ability, assanqi Dao and the Chinese community made a miasma, the community was torn apart by the PEOPLE of BZ, two months of temporary extra probation has expired, still hanging on

That is a very reasonable wage in my opinion. please describe what you mean by “cryptocurrency operations”, and how many hours a week that you intend to work, and what work you intend to perform.