Generative Assange NFT avatar by AssangeDAO


The DAO develops a generative NFT art set of the image of Julian Assange to raise funds for the treasury. The NFT art could be used as people’s twitter/social media avatars/profile pictures.

  • 10131 unique generative images (the DAO had 10131 founding contributors)
  • Price starts at 0.00125 eth and doubles every 1013 minted.
  • Art would be made by professional artists and developers.
  • 10% royalty fee to be paid to DAO treasury every time one is traded/sold
  • Owning one of these could grant the owner to a owners only discord channel on the AssangeDAO discord, or possibly give some other exclusive benefit.

Art would have different features such as:

  • Background color
  • Assange’s Hairstyle/Facial Hair
  • Assange’s shirt word or design image (could have a word or WikiLeaks logo etc)
  • shirt color
  • other items, such as accessories (hat? holding a laptop or pen, or cat etc).
  • Some features/traits could be more rare, desirable traits/rarities could be given more often at higher priced avatars. Perhaps a rare trait could be a certain color, animation, effect, hand drawn versions, etc. Could partner with some top artists.

Concept (real one would look much much better):

If the price started at 0.00125 eth and doubled every 1013 minted, it would follow this pattern:

  • 0.00125
  • 0.0025
  • 0.005
  • 0.01
  • 0.02
  • 0.04
  • 0.08
  • 0.16
  • 0.32
  • 0.64

Final one at 1.28
If all 10131 sold it would raise 1,295.65375 eth


Sounds like a good idea and customised single word on the t-shirt could work really well.

Maybe worth trying to have a high-profile NFT lab designing the avatars in collaboration with the DAO Like for example Yuga Labs (BAYC) or similar

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great, this is what we want


Good idea, if we get some high-profile artists or NFT labs onboard we could even start the price a level higher.

you can ask pak to join

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We can also have some kind censure on the avatar that will be unlock only when Assange is free?

Reference image by the Portuguese artist Helena Almeida
(“ouve-me” meant “listen to me” in Portuguese)

For example, instead of the single word written on the t-shirt we can have the avatar blindfold with a customised work written that will disappear once Assange is free.

Perhaps, but that idea seems quite similar to Pak’s Censored collection in my opinion.
I think we should try having something unique, something new, something that hasn’t quite been done before.

Perhaps the NFT could have multiple functions? Hidden airdrop? Animated? Partner with organizations who support Freedom of Speech/Encryption/Whistleblowing/Freedom of Information somehow?

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Maybe we can ask PAK if he will be interested/available to work with us on this as it could be a kind of follow up of the censored collection? Or maybe "repetition doesn’t make sense and better something new that can be related with censorship or freedom of speech with other high profile NFT artist or lab.

Maybe this can also be an inspiration for concept: Degenerate art - Wikipedia


Official commitment is required. These NFTs need to have capabilities no less than $justice. Those who own these NFTs also need to have voting rights

The starting price of 0.00125eth is too cheap, it can start at 0.01.The market has this purchasing power.

I think could be a good idea that 1 NFT is equal to a certain quantity of votes. Just not sure how we avoid wales to buy them all for having more voting power? Maybe limited the first batches to single wallet that have $justice since the token release?

Regarding price I think it good that start cheaper and give everyone that is involved with the DAO since the first contribution to buy it cheaper

Some people may want to own an Assange related NFT but not want to be involved with the DAO and I think that’s fine. I think purpose of selling the NFT would be to

  • Raise funds for the DAO treasury (so it can continue on it’s mission)
  • Raise awareness of Julian Assange’s situation

This wouldn’t take away any function of the $JUSTICE token. It would in fact encourage more people to join the DAO and encourage new people to hold justice tokens.

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This would be too complicated and defeat the purpose of stopping the minting of Justice tokens.

Art NFT should not be tied to Justice token function in my opinion.

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Great idea
We need it

Giving NFT more power will make more people willing to buy him, because NFT is not just a work of art

We could also partnership with a NFT platform (like Zora or even OpenSea) for better exposure and have them more involved in the process?

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this is a good suggestion

Is this a vote sale? Can votes be used for profit?

Only holding justice tokens have voting rights.

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Or offer exclusive benefits? Specifically? Or a blank check?