Gain influences and become the largest DAO in web3.0 and use that influnces to save Assange. 成为 web3.0 中最大的 DAO,并利用影响力拯救阿桑奇

Assangedao is now the biggest DAO in the world. We could and should continue to become the biggest Dao in the world and we therefore can become the entry of WEB3.0 and NFT, ongoing raising money and buyback tokens through online marketing fees and cooperation.

It is simple steps:
1\ Use Justice to Recruit full-time community lead, BD and marketing officers.

We need a full-time community lead to fully in-charge the members growth and members retain, who may cost around 5W-8W USD JUSTICE.

We need two or three online full time online marketing officers, to make full use of

Assange contents and videos to spread the world with different languages to involve more people to the community, both of whom may cost around 1-3W USD JUSTICE PER PERSON. For example, make good use of Assange videos and spread on tiktok.

We need two BD to cooperate with artists and web3.0 applications to gain influence and make financial income for Assange and community members, both of whom may cost around 1-3W USD Justice per person.

2\ Future implication

We should cooperate with NFTS\GAMEFIS\DEFIS and other web 3.0 applications. Since we are the largest DAO we have the bargain power. Say, we can cooperate with artists like Pak and create NFTs with some revenue goes to the Assange fund ,some revenue use to buyback tokens or just Airdrop some NFT to token holders. We could do this for any web3.0 applilcations, use our advantages as the biggest DAO and use the marketing fees as the ongoing fund raising and revenue.

By obtaining more member base, say if we have more than 1000000 members and token holders, we will more likely to achieve the goal to save Assange and our valuation is likely to exceed 100 billion


Assangedao 现在是世界上最大的 DAO。我们可以并且应该继续成为世界上最大的 Dao,因此我们可以成为 WEB3.0 和 NFT 的入口,通过在线营销费用和合作持续筹集资金和回购代币。


1\ 利用正义招聘全职社区负责人、BD 和营销人员。

我们需要一个全职的社区领导来完全负责会员的成长和会员的留存,这可能会花费大约 5W-8W USD JUSTICE。


Assange 内容和视频以不同的语言传播到世界,让更多的人参与到社区中,这两者都可能花费大约 1-3W USD JUSTICE PERSON。比如利用好阿桑奇的视频,在抖音上传播。

我们需要两个 BD 与 艺术家 和 web3.0 应用程序合作,以获得影响力并为 Assange 和社区成员赚取经济收入,这两者可能每人花费大约 1-3W USD Justice。


我们应该与 NFTS\GAMEFIS\DEFIS 和其他 web 3.0 应用程序合作。因为我们是最大的 DAO,所以我们有讨价还价的能力。比如说,我们可以与像 Pak 这样的艺术家合作并创建 NFT,其中一些收入用于 Assange 基金,一些收入用于回购代币,或者只是将一些 NFT 空投给代币持有者。我们可以为任何 web3.0 应用程序这样做,利用我们作为最大 DAO 的优势,并将营销费用用作持续的资金筹集和收入。

通过获得更多的成员基础,比如说如果我们有超过 1000000 个成员和代币持有者,我们的估值将很大概率超过1000亿(参考shib),我们将更有可能实现拯救阿桑奇的目标,并为社区成员带来良好的回报。


This is the biggest DAO fundraising, and possibly the biggest scam


full-time community lead and marketing officers are not bad idea


Revenue return should be carefully defined and negotiated as a percentage return into treasury funds - there should always be a risk assessment for every project and understanding of its drawbacks (sometimes there is a factor of being too “excited” - other than that I support the idea of getting DAO industry experts here to support the community.