Focus on the focus, don't spend too much energy on the non-focus how to vote

Now the community is fighting again over how to vote. This question is something to think about, but not the current key.

For our community, the most important thing at the moment is whether it can survive, whether it can develop, and whether more people and more power can join us.

So the first thing everyone should consider is how to get more people to join us. Instead of existing people fighting each other.

After more people join, the chips will naturally continue to spread.

We need to have a strategic vision, not just limited to the present, but to look at the problem from a developmental perspective.


Isn’t fighting about voting! We need a proper governance in place so things can function and we can grow as a DAO. We need clear rules voted by the members and once that’s ready everything will run smoother and we will be able to make more solid decisions. Without that everyone have their opinion how things should be run so thats why we need to vote and define governance so we have a operating manual. Anyway we getting closer and trolls are leaving (maybe another dip with shake out the rest) so things can finally become interesting :wink:

Zylo started a good roadmap brainstorming, please add your ideas how to grow and to bring more members here: