False accusation against AssangeDAO

On August 10, 2022, clearly attempting to discredit AssangeDAO, New Zealand-based @Candles4Assange tweeted to Mikael Thalen, staff tech writer at The Daily Dot: “AssangeDao gave funds to the Ukraine weapons fund.” I tweeted a denial to Mr. Thalen, linking him to core member @Zylo’s February 28 explanation here at the Forum that NFT auction proceeds went 100% to Julian’s legal defense. In that statement, Zylo confirmed that AssangeDAO was not party to digital artist @muratpak’s separate donation in response to a call from the verified official Ukraine Twitter account. With respect to Pak, this is obviously a case of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. As for AssangeDAO, we are at best a victim of mistaken identity or, at worst, a target of someone out to control the narrative to her own advantage. (She cites our alleged donations to the Ukraine weapons fund as an example of “issues with WL,” even though AssangeDAO—being by definition autonomous—has never been controlled by WikiLeaks. And in response to my tweet to her correcting the record, she doubled down on her insinuations against AssangeDAO: “…why are the family and legal team still so desperate for tiny amounts of funding when so much money has allegedly been raised. Something smells.”)