False accusation against AssangeDAO

On August 10, 2022, clearly attempting to discredit AssangeDAO, New Zealand-based @Candles4Assange tweeted to Mikael Thalen, staff tech writer at The Daily Dot: “AssangeDao gave funds to the Ukraine weapons fund.” I tweeted a denial to Mr. Thalen, linking him to core member @Zylo’s February 28 explanation here at the Forum that NFT auction proceeds went 100% to Julian’s legal defense. In that statement, Zylo confirmed that AssangeDAO was not party to digital artist @muratpak’s separate donation in response to a call from the verified official Ukraine Twitter account. With respect to Pak, this is obviously a case of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. As for AssangeDAO, we are at best a victim of mistaken identity or, at worst, a target of someone out to control the narrative to her own advantage. (She cites our alleged donations to the Ukraine weapons fund as an example of “issues with WL,” even though AssangeDAO—being by definition autonomous—has never been controlled by WikiLeaks. And in response to my tweet to her correcting the record, she doubled down on her insinuations against AssangeDAO: “…why are the family and legal team still so desperate for tiny amounts of funding when so much money has allegedly been raised. Something smells.”)


hey. I think it is entirely reasonable to have questioned Assange Dao when the family appear to be scraping around for 100k for legal fees, and Assange DAO is bragging about funds upwards of 50 million. perhaps i dont understand this crypto biz but there is NO DOUBT that wikileaks itself is no longer the organisation it was with Julian still speaking. They ran a poll which asked whether this war was Russias’s Afghanistan, Iraq, etc… then ran a add for some Ukranian App for free speech and we are somehow supposed to believe Assange comes out of silence after 4 years and these are his FIRST WORDS>? please. Hey I have no agenda other than freeing assange. The talk of the Assange campaign having 50 million has no doubt cooled down funds coming to the legal team and the poor family scramble on seemingly unsupported. The last straw was hearing funding going to nazis in ukraine. What gives. do we not like free speech in Assange DAO. i apologise if I got it wrong but these are my concerns and I stand by them Alex HIlls

Are you saying that your concern that the DAO donated to the Ukraine war was based on false premises? The tweet that Tom calls a ‘double-down’ hints at such but isn’t clear, and it might help the conversation if it were clear where people stand. But more importantly, we can’t verify that you’re the same person, so it hardly seems to me to matter if discussed here.

(Those are just my ideas, and of course I do NOT speak for the DAO or anyone other than myself.)

Can you explain why the family are still begging for legal funds in the 100k region when 50 million has been allegedly raised for Julian? I am still unclear. My comments came out of watching many ANON accounts that supported Assange once, mindlessly banging war drums and supporting Ukraine. then the story came out that Assange Dao money went to Ukraine. And on top of that Wikileaks posted a mindlessly stupid poll about Ukraine War , and then went on to claim Julian came out of silence just to promote an app to help Ukranians… Perhaps your information is different to mine.

idk if you’re asking me (I feel your post makes a bit more sense if so, but you may have forgotten to use the ‘Reply’ function). But I think you should answer the question about the ‘DAO money to Ukraine’ story first - was the story incorrect? The Candles4Assange tweet that suggests this doesn’t seem to provide evidence for it.

DM me if you’d like my (not in-depth) reason why I think that question should be settled first.

Why was it promoted - probably because Signal would not be useful enough in a situation when the internet is down. It only has a range of 100 metres or so.

I wouldn’t question WL technical expertise. They would be aware of the best app to use in a situation when populations are desperate.

The fund exchange to the Ukraine govt is here.


Pak initiated this - see here. Not the DAO.


Ask the family. The DAO is not able to answer this. The DAO is nothing more than a bunch of volunteers/investors and supporters. Stella Assange however has distinguished the funding requests as UK legal expenses only and denoted Wau Holland donations for non- UK legal purposes.

The funds donated by the AssangeDAO in Feb 22 are now held by Wau Holland. In order to retain their non profit status - they are confined by the German Govt. regulatory authority. Those funds were transferred by Pak the artist for his NFT artwork. The DAO owns that NFT. It is not part of Wau Holland, has zilch control over that 50 million and does not answer for whatever Wau Holland decides. TO BE CLEAR -the DAO has no part of it.

Im only guessing but I feel as though these funds are being reserved for the US case which will be lengthy and VERY expensive, if it should unfold. Wau Holland(WH) have begun funding the US campaign - funds have already been sent to Assange’s US lawyers. Before that is even staged, WH have also commenced funding the ECHR court case (Ch. Marchand, BE €100k). So that costs 100K and not even known if it will be actioned.

The DAO has no control over the prior funding. It only has control over a treasury to continue it own limited function.

This point has been repeated and explained, ad nauseum.

If your beef is with the family, PAK or Wikileaks contact them. Leave the DAO out of it. All the DAO has done is fundraise. It has no other “decision” making role. The DAO is quite separate. Its just a bunch of people around the world who donated crypto. Regular donors on the street.

You can glean much of this on Wikileaks, Wau Holland’s twitter feed and PAK’s - its not like they haven’t broadcast it.

If you wish to obtain funding for CandlesforAssange - which I suspect you do - apply in a professional way to Wau Holland.

The DAO cannot act on such a request.

Or contact a family member without the tone of incendiary accusation/hostility.

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That is absolutely false, some of the money went to Gabriel Shipton, for a “brokerage fee”, and there has been no accounting of the actual funds.