Discussion: Meeting/Next Steps - Governance, Multi-sig, Proposals, Snapshot Settings, Roles, Moderation

Thank you to everyone who is making AssangeDAO possible. Thank you for your patience as setting up the initial governance structure as voted by the community does take quite some time and careful consideration so everything transitions & moves forward in an orderly way.

Gabriel Shipton has mentioned that he will host another DAO meeting or Twitter Spaces soon.

We should come up with a list of things to discuss so we can come up with an agreed upon way to proceed to confirm the governance, voting processes and multi-sig of the DAO.

So far the DAO has

  • Fulfilled it’s first objective in raising over $50 Million for Assange’s legal defense
  • Voted that it’s core mission should be on Freeing Assange
  • Voted that no more $JUSTICE tokens will be minted, ever.


  • Vote to confirm or revoke the Assange’s Family’s role as was made in the constitution of the DAO.

To do / Discuss / Vote

What should the order of next Snapshot proposals be?


  • What are the requirements to be on the Multi-sig?
  • How many people should be on the Multi-sig?
  • Who should be on the Multi-sig/How do we nominate and confirm them on the Multi-sig?
  • Confirm who on the multi-sig would still like to remain there (or if they would all like to be replaced)

Voting System (Snapshot)

  • What should be the parameters of the voting system (snapshot) ? (Quorum, Duration, etc.)


  • Who should be allowed to take proposals made on the forum and make them on Snapshot (It doesn’t work if everyone is given permission as it will get flooded with nonsense, it needs to be done in an orderly fashion with representatives of the community)
  • What is the criteria for someone to be given Snapshot proposal permission?
  • How should we vote to increase/remove people who have Snapshot proposal permission?

Moderation/Code of Conduct

  • Should the DAO set in place a code of conduct/rules for the forum & discord?
  • Should the Discord Mods lift all mutes & bans?
  • Should a series of warnings be given before mute/bans? If so, what and how many?
  • What are the requirements to be a moderator?
  • How are moderators selected?


  • What are the different volunteer roles in the community?
  • What roles can be self-appointed?
  • What roles must involve voting?


  • Get funding or have someone donate an NFT to the DAO to auction
  • Ask artists and Assange Family on status of potentially donating NFT(s)
  • Other ideas to increase the DAOs treasury ETH
  • Vote on next next ideas (proposals) such as Assange Award
  • How does the DAO recover ETH from the JBX tokens?
  • Once the DAO has recovered ETH, should we propose to reimburse those who accidentally burned their tokens by having the treasury buy the tokens from the market? (~76M tokens)

Thanks for this!!!

Adding on ideas: which other associations we could try to get funds that can help (directly and indirectly) Assange?

Keep building. We need more fund for treasury.

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Meeting tentatively scheduled for this Friday.
Waiting on core devs and Multi-sig members to confirm a time that suits everyone.

I believe that the chinese community should put forward at least 2 people, who can speak both english and chinese, and I prefer someone with economics or software experience. I also think that the chinese community is too humble, that with westerners you need to be direct and sometimes confrontational.

Other ideas to increase the DAOs treasury ETH

Why not add some of my ideas to this list?

IMO, multisigs election is the most urgent item we need to discuss. My understanding is two out of the five multisigs have resigned; the next few important issues need to be resolved: voting system; who can take proposals and make them on snapshot; funding of the treasury.

A friendly suggestion: when you make a long list, please mark them as a, b, c etc so when people rely to your post, they don’t have to retype a lot of things. They can just use a, b, c etc. Thank you very much for your hard work .

About Multi-sig
I recommend that Multi-sig has at least one of these characteristics: contributed to Free Assange, well-known social activist, well-known figure in the blockchain industry.

About Code of Conduct
DAO must have a Code of Conduct for forums and discord, for example racial remarks, insulting language, should never exist. For organized group attacks should be banned. etc. It is also recommended to post concerns on announcement channel who repeated all the time, and direct them to check there.
And I suggest opening a #complaints channel in discord

agree on both and i think we should keep only 5 days multi-sig and not extend that number thar will make implementations slower… and we definitely need a code of conduct asap

I hate code of conducts, I believe in tolerance, and free speech, even for speech that you may not like.

To do most of those tasks requires regular feedback.

Not seeing that feedback from “management” - who don’t appear to use the Forum?

What is going on?