Discussion: Developing Products to Add Revenue to the Treasury

Discussion: Developing Products to Add Revenue to the Treasury

Why add revenue to the treasury?
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have passive sources of income, mostly donations, and the donors refer to the development and size of the project. So generating active income is the best solution for project operations. Once the treasury has a stable income, our ideas such as annual awards, important holiday events, issuing NFT, incentivizing members, etc. that need funding can be implemented.

Background of on-chain projects
Most of the blockchain projects have their own products that are used to attract users and also add revenue for themselves. There are probably two models, one is to reward tokens to motivate participating users, and the other is to charge a fee for using their product.

Revenue generation methods
I personally think it can be.

  • Developing on chain APPs.
  • Developing off-chain APPs.
  • We Media (e.g. opening a YouTube channel, etc.)
  • Selling products around protest activities
    More ways would like to be discussed


  1. Whether we need such a product needs to be discussed.
  2. JUSTICE tokens can no longer be issued, so there is a cost to adopt JUSTICE as an incentive token, and issuing new tokens as to incentivize users needs to be discussed.
  3. The connection of the new product with the free Assange campaign needs to be discussed.
  4. The way of generating revenue needs to be discussed.
  5. Other unfinished matters need to be discussed.






  1. 我们是否需要这样一款产品需要讨论。
  2. JUSTICE代币已经不能再发行了,所以采用JUSTICE作为激励的代币是需要成本的,而发行新的代币作为产品激励用户的代币需要讨论。
  3. 新产品与free Assange运动的联系是否需要讨论。
  4. 创造收入的方式需要讨论。
  5. 其他未尽事宜需要讨论。
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Excellent input. Why aren’t more people responding - investors here’s your chance to communicate ideas in a positive way.

Thank you for the post. What are the suggested posts?

Youtube/Podcasts are a great idea and could if done by AssangeDAO could be something genuinely unique.


Hi everyone, after a busy week I’ve only seen a handful of people respond to this post.
After I made this post I did some research on related types of products and I am sharing my results for a more in-depth discussion.

*Issuing new tokens or NFTs and running some economic models is the least expensive and most common approach for many blockchain projects when they hit a bottleneck and need to raise money.

*On blockchain project products, right now it’s pretty much public chains, DEX, X to earn. These are hardly related to the core mission of our DAO, so the best product I can imagine is to buy land at Sandbox and build an “Assange Museum”, it would promote and also add revenue to the treasury.

*We Media (e.g. YouTube channel) is one of the best options, it has a bigger audience for publicity, viewers don’t need to pay (which is different from Sandbox above where visitors need to pay), and it can host a lot of content such as exclusive news, exclusive analysis, Assange’s life, Assange’s books (which could apply to book clubs), etc. I can’t think of anything else.

*Selling products or souvenirs around the protests would also be great, but would require more coordination in the real world.

So I think we can start with the most appropriate products and then move on to more opportunities as we gain experience and more capable people get involved. I think YouTube/Podcasts are a good fit for us right now.
However I would prefer to see more discussion and genius solutions though.


*关于区块链项目产品,现在几乎是公链,DEX,X to earn。这些都很难与我们DAO的核心使命扯上关系,我能想象出最适合我们DAO的产品是在Sandbox购买土地并建立Assange博物馆,它可以宣传,也能为国库增加收入。


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All of your ideas are positive for the DAO.

Yeah I agree to go with the path of least resistance to start and build momentum.