Discord Bans Lifted

In the interest of transparency and of further uniting the community, I have lifted the majority of discord bans.

The community is discussing and proposing drafts to implement rules/code of conduct for discord on the forum.

For example here:

Until the time in which the community comes up with the appropriate proposals and votes on these rules/code of conduct and a system of how warnings/muting/banning/unbanning should take place, I ask that the moderators first give warnings to users about their inappropriate behavior, and if the warnings are not heeded then to mute the person and to only use bans as a measure of last resort. The moderators must provide detailed explanation in the logs if they must ban someone. Please ban & report bots who are spamming links/phishing scams immediately.

Some temporary discord rules until the community can vote and decide

  • No harassment / threats of violence / personal attacks / racism / hate speech
  • No self promotion / shilling / selling services or products / phishing links / scams
  • No doxxing / publishing of personal information of others
  • No illegal / NSFW content
  • No spamming

A clean discussion environment is important to produce great ideas and brainstorming so that we can attract great people to join us.

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A few ideas -

  • a mod must be an active member, courteous, posts across a variety of topics, familiar with the community guidelines, ability to be calm, reasonable, etc

  • mods cannot edit member’s posts or content, but could give a member an opportunity if it doesn’t entirely conform with the guidelines?

-notification tool for all members - to flag inappropriate posts - categories - trolling, illegal content, advertising, heated discussion, vilification, personal attacks as in above draft etc - mod team could then discuss and determine whether posts should be hidden??

  • Mod team to decide how to deal with repeat offenders - not just one mod.

Re - " Don’t start a topic in the wrong category; please read the category definitions." - mod uses tool to transfer to correct topic

  • For transparency - members should be able to see if a post is removed so that moderation action is visible.
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