Create a Who's Who List of Position Holders for better communication and transparency

I would love to know who belongs to what, what is the function of each and could this be linked and updated automatically when team members change.

  • Consensus Unit members
  • Core-team members
  • Admin Team
  • Community Mods
  • Mods (what’s the distinction in roles re above)
  • Marketing Team
  • Legal Team
  • Twitter Team
  • Design Team
  • Audit
  • Multi-sigs
  • Development Team
  • Final Proposal Writers/Editors
  • Project Leaders (name the project)
  • Language Translation Team
  • External Advisory Team

and other function holders.

Could this be placed under FAQ in both the Forum and Discord communities.


@rave this list would be a giant step towards transparency for AssangeDAO. Given the worldwide interest in Julian Assange, I think all positions could be filled by volunteers possessing the necessary skills without having to pay them—even including specialists such as lawyers. But that is going to require much greater outreach than evident to date from AssangeDAO, where the initial community was split between idealists with staying power and investors/speculators whose only real motive was and remains personal profit.

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Im quite confused about all of those functions - would be useful to see all of them defined.

As for volunteers - I think they play a role under vetted supervision - some positions could be paid - eventually I think they would need to be - for example - legal, - also that should entail being vetted by the family (past experience and prior roles, pertinent qualifications), etc.

To get the best fit for an organisation - and to expand it - is going to take skills and expertise in each field. I don’t think that can always be free. I don’t think self nomination cuts it for significant roles of authority. That is too open to malpractice.

Look at how other DAOs function.

These are all good, but no one will do them. This proposal will disappear with time, and no one will pay attention again. Do you find that a few people are active in the forum now. The number of people in the community has not developed, but is becoming less and less.

I hope it won’t. :thinking:

That’s why the Admin team should provide more frequent feedback on the forum. Structure is important. :confused:

May I ask if you have any tokens? I have no malice, because we are a blockchain community, and the symbol of Dao members is holding tokens. The token has fallen too much at present, and a large number of capable people have left. Of course, if you don’t have a token, you may not understand what I’m talking about

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The most direct logic of Dao community is that members of Dao community hold tokens and contribute to the development of the community, and the value of tokens is the reward for their work. If my language makes you feel uncomfortable, please understand, because I translate with software, there may be some translation problems, please believe me, I am kind

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There are many people who can work for the price of tokens. They are very capable. I also believe that many people can work for Dao for free, but you can see that there are not many people who work for free. And people who work for free actually don’t have much motivation, and their work efficiency is very slow. This is an objective phenomenon @TomStairtsen @rave

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The translation is fine. I appreciate what your saying and why you’re saying it.