Complain MOD "Dgolder"

Mod Dgolder has banned someone in discord due to his different opinion about Taiwan. I express the ban is not fair, AssangeDAO is not a platform for a Mod to spread his political attitudes. Then he banned me as well. Is this normal? Maybe I have too less undertanding for this DAO. I have donated and holded until now, but I cannot understand the behavior of this Mod.
2022-03-12 10_11_53-中文 - Discord

Hi, you were not banned, merely muted.
I have unmuted you. Dgolder is a very good mod.

Please keep conversations related to the DAO / Assange as much as possible. There is a politics channel if you wish to discuss politics.

The discord is not a place for starting controversial political discussions that don’t concern the DAO or Assange.

Edit: Also I have checked the logs, Dgolder has not banned anyone recently.


Thank you Zylo. Sry, I thought muted is also called banned, obviously it was wrong wording (I haven’t used DC much).
I am not interested in policial discussion, I just disagreed with the way Dgolder has done to another member as a Mod (he clearly wrote in Chinese that he will mute ones who think Taiwan needs freedom which is opposite of his opinion).
I will be not involved in Assange Chinese community as long as he works as a Mod. I just feel somehow sad, this should not happen in a DAO, especially in AssangeDAO.

I understand your concern.

The community is going to vote on Discord rules and mods.
I have asked him not to mute you and if there are any issues he can tell me and I can help with the situation.

I agree that we should not censor/ban anyone for their political opinions, however we have had a lot of people who have come into the discord recently to try and purposefully stir up trouble and start arguments to distract/undermine the DAO.

Please do join us. For the time being Dgolder is still a mod, when the time comes the community can vote on who the mods are and what the exact rules for discord will be.

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MOD “Dgolder” has done the right things, coz here other political problems should not be concernd, which may lead to unnessacery conflict in community.

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I appreciate for your response. I have seen you and some others are doing great job to the AssangeDAO, I would try to be more active when time allows.


It is not about political discussion in general, but about muting members who have different political opinions as the Mod’s and muting a member who has pointed this out. I agree AssangeDAO should not be distracted in political discussions, it can be written in community rules.

I have experienced alot of chinese nationalism n the telegram and discord groups, for example claiming that singaporeans are not chinese, and that some chinese are “licking the white skin”, etc.

I feel no need to ban them for those idea, than I feel the need to ban someone for being a Taiwanese nationalist.


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