Community draft: An Assange DAO Artists association could be formed

He community needs a lot of artists to join, or to issue about justice, freedom of speech, human rights and so on about the spirit of his works of art, please go to twitter search more artists, called on them to join his dao, recently I saw the community to create issue NFT is interested in art, the community also have you demand, Therefore, my proposal is to set up the Assange DAO Artists Association and call on artists from all over the world to join the association to create and publish works of art about justice, freedom of speech, human rights and the spirit of Assange. Please find artists on Twitter and call on them to join the Assange DAO


This is a very good suggestion!

Great idea! Needs more artists to join the DAO

Support! We need more artists and KOL to join.

This is a good idea and maybe we can somehow connect with Courage Foundation?

I think an open call for artist to join its good. We should try to bring some high profile artists to the DAO and try to keep this nft annoying artists that only try to spam with their work for promotion and possible sales everywhere without caring about Assange or the DAO (we had a few on discord spamming). So I think this needs somehow a filter to be effective.

Also all the NFTs from the DAO need to be carefully planned and implemented and we shouldn’t over do it. There is a good discussion here Issuance of AssangeDAO Collectible NFTs 阿桑奇DAO 收藏类 NFT 的发行 - #6 by PMA

Maybe that open call could also be in collaboration WikiLeaks or Courage Foundation?

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Good idea! It’s very workable.

We could also try to do this in collaboration with NFT market places like Zora, OpenSea, KnowOrigins, SuperRare or Foundation.

With their support we could have a DAO selected collection with works inspired by free speech and Assange.

Or even do the open call through them, for artist to join and create a collaborative collection together. Then DAO can vote on the final selection. That way maybe we can reach a much bigger audience, have interesting artists on board, as well interest from collectors and general NFT audience.

I presented a new theory to you yesterday: my theory is this: we currently have more than 10,000 currency holders in the Assange DAO community. Through cooperation with artists, NFT is issued on the theme of Assange spirit [justice, human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of press reporting]. Artists, through influence, dissemination, Artists living powder with part of the attention he dao, precipitation to he dao in the community, is growing again he dao community, at the same time we he dao, can provide capital, community traffic, his IP, can assign to the artists, this process is the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, win-win situation, but also let us he dao ones, As We continue to cooperate with artists, there will be more and more fans of artists to settle into the Assange DAO community, and continue to expand the Assange DAO, currency holders and NFT players, all of which are high-quality precision crowd!! We Assange DAO can definitely be the biggest reservoir of traffic!! I found that there is a phenomenon: each project to create new NFT projects, and re-marketing, attract players, traffic costs are very high, my theory: by accumulating traffic to Assange DAO, assange DAO community becomes the largest B circle (play B and play NFT) traffic DAO community

Throwing some questions regarding this

  • NFT minted by the DAO in collaboration with the artist and collection up at a NFT market place?
  • Selection of 10-15 works per collection?
  • Limit the kind of work (just photos, no cgi for example)?
    Or do sub-collections accordingly to the type of art?
  • Create a sub-page on the DAO website with the associated artist and their bios?
  • Artists can drop NFT proposals on a dedicated discord channel and the most voted by the community are selected? Or other kind of temperature check?
  • Do artists need to be verified and have $justice for submitting NFTs?
  • from NFT auction sales: % DAO treasury + % initiatives/campaigns + % artist that donated the work?

Perhaps a group could be dedicated to advancing this work

Should we start a dedicated Telegram working group chat for that?

I have contacts at OpenSea and KnowOrigins that could pitch this idea to see if there is any interest from their side

Yes, it should be accelerated, clear group leaders

I think discord working groups are being created at the moment, maybe we wait on that so everything will be in one place. if that doesn’t work then we telegram.