Cease unconscious spewing of any suggestion that Assange is implicated criminally, when in actuality he's a historic courageous global hero supporting the liberation of all humanity!

By whatever name or numbers, start heaping global honors of heroism and courage on Julian Assange, thereby confirming that in reality the only criminals are the satanic deep state minions in the government, military, military contractors, and in the satanic FauxNewsmedia who have directed their murderous ire at Assange because his Truth-aligned heroism puts all of their filthy soulless lying asses to pure sham/shame, in remarkably similar principle manner as the satanic rabbis who demanded the punishment of Y’shua/“Jesus” for outing the lying, thieving satanic gangster-bankster priesthood hierarchy.
Stop focusing on that “extradition for criminal charges” bullshytt, to instead focus on the reality of the courageous heroism and selfless compassion which has led to Julian Assange being placed on the cross for the mass of humanity and earthly life…and take him down off that cross, and begin stringing up the satanic anti-truth, anti-peace, anti-liberty, anti-sanity gangster-bankster fucker-bastards. Cease playing along with their fake “justice” bullshytt murder schemes directed ever toward the real living heros & heroines of humanity.
Start NOW in acclaiming Assange as the true heroic leader of truth, justice, peace, and liberation that he actually already IS!
Tell the truth, and thereby kick Satan into the gutter!