Autorisation to Multisig to sell forked powETH for ETH after ETH merge

The ETH merge will occur at blockheight 15,540,293 when Ethereum Mainnet hits the Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) value of 58750000000000000000000. The merge will be sometime between 13-15 September 2022. The merge will create forked tokens powETH. My suggestion is for the multisig to sell those forked powETH as soon as possible for ETH with the aim of maximising return for the DAO. Please let me know what your thoughts are.

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(Understanding The ‘Ethereum Merge’ – Forbes Advisor Australia)

In fact, we could consider a mechanism to increase the agility of the treasury to the operations. after relevant proposal

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I note that the AssangeDAO Safe frontend might not support powETH, such that claiming forked tokens may be difficult overall. Nevertheless, we should authorise the multisig to do so.

Im a bit confused Silke after reading this - is there a necessity to do anything? Could you explain?What Will Happen To Ethereum Tokens If There's A Hard Fork After The Merge?


After confirm with ETHW taem,the merge date is 15, and the Safe contract have been deployed in the testnet.
So for the treasury, the best way maybe is:
1)Excute with the Safe contract in ETHW directly to swap token into USDT when the dex is ready.
2)then the treasury own USDT in ETHW, still need find a bridge(support ETHW&ETH both) to cross;

A little diffcultly, need multi-signers coporate closely, keep eye on the progress of Safe&Bridge on ETHW.
I will add it into the roadmap draft, because there will be other similarly、tedious tasks,require one-time authorization by community.

Yeah I agree…if possible to get the forked.

This proposal has not garnered a lot of attention of the community. Due to the timeframe and urgency I will post anyway. Happy to delete if there is a lot of opposition here thereafter.

Merge has happened? What changed?

The merge created also created a forked token called ETHW (Ethereum Proof of Work). The proposal was to authorise the multisig to exchange that forked ETHW into ETH. However, right now the value of the token has fallen drastically. So, the overall value of the ETHW in the AssangeDAO is less than 2000 USD right now.

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How does this show in the Gnosis safe (forgive me if Im not across this).

It does not as the Gnosis Safe does not support ETHW chain.

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