Auction won! What's next for AssangeDAO?

DarkFi has a prototype anonymous DAO in the works, and a design for an anonymous wikileaks. Also we’ve made a p2p chat system. I’m waiting for AssangeDAO to be fully setup before proposing these.




from a project that censors the ability of investors to propose governance proposals, and censors its critics on discord.

Also we’ve made a p2p chat system.

Why reinvent the wheel?

very interesting points!

I heard DarkFi team at LisCon last year, i was really impressed by their ideas. Would be really cool for AssangeDAO to work with them in the near future.

let me understand this correctly:

The core team has been talking about “safeguards” and “safety” on the forum, on twitter one of the members describes how centralized finance can undermine the project by buying all the tokens, and your response is to anonymize the DAO. Isn’t that a bit like causing the very same problem, for which your solution is to undermine the democratic values, and the legal rights of the shareholders, through your anti-democratic policies? Doesn’t a DAO and the broader concept of “consent of the governed”, imply that the investors have “informed consent”, meaning access to information that they need to make a decision, and the ability to make choices other than the pre-ordained destination by dear leader?

endo, if you are a lawyer, specifically a u.s. constitutional lawyer i NEED help asap as i have about 10 days left to Reply to this Report to dimiss my case v the US Govt for violating my right to free speech by charging Julian
Bull v US Recommendation and Report (to Dismiss)
my email is phone is 360 540 0996

There are several problems with your pro-se complaint. First is that while you did file a complaint, you are supposed to file for a Writ of Habeas Corpus 28 USC 2241, which is the way to legally challenge someone’s unlawful detention.

The recommendation states that because you did not state in your complaint, what legal injury applies to you personally, and what specific person is causing that injury, that you have failed to allege a cause of action over which the court has jurisdiction.

When you name a defendant in a civil suit, you have to name the specific person who did the specifically wrong thing, which violated your rights. In a Habeas Corpus you name the person who has control over Julian Assange, and you have to allege that the why he is unlawfully detained. The petition is also supposed to be filed in the same judicial district where the criminal indictment was filed by the US attorney.

With regards to Jus Tertii, or “third party standing”, an organization has the rights to litigate for its members, a listener can assert the rights of speakers, in civil suits seeking injunctions. A person who has a credible threat of prosecution under a specific statute, can also assert the rights of other people when attacking the constitutionality of the statute.

In terms of a writ of habeas corpus, there is a form of standing called “next friend standing”, meaning that you are a friend or family member of the person involved, and why the other person is not able to defend themselves in court, typically because they are confined and lack the resources to do so. The grounds for Habeas Corpus are ones that rely on solely matters of law, that do not require a finding of facts to be assessed by a jury.

I cannot submit legal documents on your behalf because I am not licensed to represent you, you have the right to respond to the recommendation, and because the proposal is to dismiss without prejudice, you can refile if you do correctly draft a complaint. Moreover, you could also file an objection to the recommendation, and ask for leave to amend the complain, and ask for a motion to extend time to seek legal counsel.

Attached is a Writ of Habeas Corpus and Complaint, that I filed on behalf of another prisoner using third party standing, you should try to follow this style guide.

here is the last page of four
Bull v US Rec and Report p4

Yes, i know, i have read everything, and have published the court documents here Bull v. United States of America, 2:22-cv-00101 –

Rule 15. Amended and Supplemental Pleadings

(a) Amendments Before Trial.

(1) Amending as a Matter of Course. A party may amend its pleading once as a matter of course within:

(A) 21 days after serving it, or

(B) if the pleading is one to which a responsive pleading is required, 21 days after service of a responsive pleading or 21 days after service of a motion under Rule 12(b), (e), or (f), whichever is earlier.

(2) Other Amendments. In all other cases, a party may amend its pleading only with the opposing party’s written consent or the court’s leave. The court should freely give leave when justice so requires.

Well thank you first of all, Endo, for your responses. I do however have a lot of issues with what you are suggesting with the Wof HC. But firstly, I do see where my attorney who wrote this p.o.s. Complaint for me failed to state that this injury did apply to me personally. This was the whole crux of my Complaint and I am pretty pissed off both that my attorney didn’t get it right, as I paid him plenty, and that I did not catch this. This is the entire reason I paid this idiot, to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and this is enough to make me want to kick him in his nutz. I didn’t have any intention, really, of doing a WoHC. I can’t possibly go to DC or Virginia to file anything. This was supposed to be NOT any kind of a 3rd party issue but a suit on and behalf of myself for the US depriving me of my right to a free press., asking for an Injunction to force the US to drop charges against Julian. Am I mistaken in thinking this direction, which as I understand it, has never been attempted before?

At any rate, you have saved me a whole lot of time because now I see that I will have to Amend the Complaint to fix it to my original design to my liking. What do I call this? Response? Reply? Request for extension? I would like to both Amend and seek counsel, unless you think you can help me with this Amended Complaint? It seems to me that your notes on pages 4,5 and6 in your #2 above would apply to my Complaint as it stands, with the injurty being to the public at large. Am I mistaken?. thanks, sb

This complaint says its pro-se, and does not include an attorney name. Whomever filed this out for you, was not an attorney, you can check who is an attorney, on your state bar’s webpage. An attorney is supposed to be the one who would represent you through the entire process, and is supposed to tell the court to direct all correspondence to them.

see e.g. Twiqbal - Wikipedia

see also

There is a general rule called “abstention”, meaning that you cannot get an injunction against a different judge, and that you are supposed to make your objections known to the court / judge that has already exercised jurisdiction over the matter.

The only ways to make the judge be aware of your injuries in connection with Julian Assange’s detention, is if you file a writ of habeas corpus which challenges the legality of the imprisonment of an individual, or if you wanted to seek permission for file an “amicus curiae” or “friend of the court” brief on his behalf in the criminal matter.

If the request is to have financial damages against a state actor, because they did a specific thing that violated your freedom of speech (such as a gag order on Assange while he is pending trial, or the financial blockade by banks), normally those damages are enough to sustain standing, but the proceedings may be delayed until the resolution of the underlying criminal trial to establish findings of fact.

If you are trying to challenge the legality of the espionage act, as it applies to you, you can try to credibly allege that you intend to violate the statute, and that you want an injunction against the operation of the statute, however if you wanted that injunction to apply to Assange as well, you would have to have it certified as a class action, which requires that you are represented by an attorney

You should file the following documents:

“Motion to Extend Time”

“Motion to Appoint Pro Bono Counsel”

“Motion for Leave to Amend”

“Objections to the Magistrates Recommendation”

a motion is a request for the judge to do a thing, based upon the rules of procedure and legal standards.

You know what, Endo, as I read your Supreme Court Cases again on pages 4 5 and 6 in HC#2 you wrote, I think that those cases can be shown to be sufficient for me to keep my Complaint as it is, as long as I cite those cases exactly as you have in my Reply. Thoughts on that. And again, what do I call this reply anyway, i guess Objection to the MR, as above?. I WOULD actually, and that’s been the plan, to somehow find a lawyer after this got any kind of a hearing date and publicity, and now esp with the money Julian got from this for defense, that should make it easier to do.
thanks, sb

No, your complaint has to be amended to comply with the rules in Ashcroft vs Iqbal and Bell Atlantic v. Twombly. Moreover those supreme court cases are cited precisely, but you have to find a way to relate them to the specific claims that you are asserting. It is not enough to sue Marek Garland, you have to say what Mr. Garland personally did himself, which violated your legal rights. In reality, the appropriate defendant is going to be one of his subordinates, and you want the judge to tell that subordinate to do something he is obligated to do, or to stop him from violating your legal rights.

see e.g. Twiqbal - Wikipedia

How is it that Merrick Garland, or for that matter, Joe Biden, who are the heads of the DoJ is not sufficient? It will take all the time I have just to find out who the actual person was. Can you give me a citation for Ashcroft so I can find it on (nevermind, got it) btw, the lawyer who did my pro se form is not licensed by the state of WA which is why his name isn’t on it, hence pro se.

yeah, i see what that shitty Ashcroft decision is doing to me. It answers my question. So then, you got any ideas on how to go about finding out who pulled the trigger on Assange?

I dont know if that is a metaphor, but if you sign up for a account, you can access all court records for $.10 a page, and I have them uploaded to with an extension called recap RECAP - Chrome Web Store

i would assume that the court case would be US vs Julian Assange wouldn’t you? any idea which Court?
I went to pacer, i can’t make heads nor tails out of it. It seems like this is the site where somebody would have to know that, even tho that seems an unusual tidbit of information to have.
Google came thru:
However, i dont’ understand, why when the United States is the Plaintiff, I can’t have just the U.S. as the Defendant in my Complaint. Would it be sufficient to remove Garland and Biden? Besides, what if that guy who signs their Complaint against JA doesn’t even work there anymore? That doesnt seem right. Here are the names, I’m guessing McCormick signed it. "G. Zachary.Terwilliger
United States-Aftoi
facy Doherty-McConnick
First Assistant United States Attomey
Kellen S. Dwyer
Thomas W. Traxler
Gordori Kromberg
Assistant United States Attorneys
Matthew W^czewski
Nicholas Himter
Trial. Attorneys, National Security Division
U.S. Department of Justice

These are all the proper defendants. The United States is nominally a defendant, but only in terms of the fact that these people represent the United States its official capacity.

G. Zachary.Terwilliger
Kellen S. Dwyer
Thomas W. Traxler
Gordori Kromberg
Matthew Waclzewski
Nicholas Himter

OK so bottom line, i need to write an Objcetion to Magistrates Recommendation, Motions to Extend Time to Amend Complaint. and you think if i got a Pro Bono counsel I would get anybody who cared? I make $40K/yr, would i even be eligeble for that? and do you know this webpage disappears out of my address bar from time to time (twice tonight)

I mean, its hard to find an attorney who will care, if its appointed for free, but you need to have some attorney help you draft your complaint, and perhaps a few hours with an attorney can help you craft a “well pleaded complaint”. However that well pleaded complaint requires time and effort, but please check this website, which I found on google.