AssangeDAO x JuiceboxDAO

In the last Governance cycle AssangeDAO put forward a proposal to Juicebox to have its Juicebox fee refunded fully refunded in exchange for burning of AssangeDAO JBX token holding.

The proposal went to Juicebox snapshot vote and was voted down.

There was some willingness from Juicebox community to members to refund a portion of the fee, or even retro-actively apply their new fee(2.5%) to the AssangeDAO, but not any support for a full refund.

AssangeDAO holds 87milion JBX tokens - one of the largest holders, so the two DAO’s futures are intertwined in that way.
The next Juicebox governance cycle is comming up!

So there are a few questions for the AssangeDAO community.
-What proposal should we put next to Juicebox DAO regarding refund
-What to do with any refunds?
-Protocol for taking part in Juicebox snapshot votes.

One suggestion I floated in the Juicebox DC was a retrospective application of the new JBX fee of 2.5% to AssangeDAO, which would allow return of ETH as well as AssangeDAO retaining some JBX.


We should discuss with JBX core team about the 2.5% refund possibility, then we’ll hold a snapshot voting in AssangeDAO about the 2.5% refund, only if most of the community members agreed, we can move to JBX snapshot

The refund will serve as our startup capital and allow us to pay the staff

I think applying the new fee retro-actively would be a great compromise for everyone.