AssangeDao recent issues(近期的问题)

1、量价分析是揭示市场秘密的唯一途径。无论社区有传播有Vitaliki、 Amir Taaki 等顶级Kol的参与,或社区正在给予提案等各种利好,这些均是表面现象。而辨别价格运动是真实的还是虚假的唯一方法就是通过分析成交量,因为成交量是不可能被隐藏的,它就展示在那里供所有人观察。当某个代币的价格变动伴随着很高的或者逐渐增大的成交量,那么这种变动就是一种有效的变动。如果价格继续向着同一方向变动,并且拥有相应的成交量支撑,那么这将是一段趋势即将开启的信号。

那我们看看Justice 最近成交量,近期链上成交量趋于零,甚至在某几小时都没有一笔交易。说明项目近期的发展和社区的运营还处于无效的努力,并没有吸引市场。同时也验证了近期止损卖出的大户们是明智的策略,属于聪明的钱

2)构建一个高市值的项目,首先需要构建一个高素质高认识高水平的社区,这是一个加密项目成功的极其关键因素。而社区的错误引导却成为AssangeDao失败的关键因素。就拿Discord 中文社区来说。中文管理依据自己的心情不断的禁言、删人让认知高水平高的人踢出了社区。最后社区成员就会剩下些愚蠢 和分辨能力不高的用户,而这类人组成的社区属于垃圾社区,领头羊无论怎么努力,都会难以带动。


From google translate

  1. Value price analysis is the only way to reveal market secrets. Regardless of the participation of top KOL such as Vitaliki, Amir Taaki, or community is giving proposals, these are surface phenomenon. The identification price movement is true or false, the only way to analyze the volume, because the volume is impossible to be hidden, it will show it to everyone to observe. This change is an effective change when a change in the price of a part is accompanied by a high or gradually increased transaction. If the price continues to fluctuate toward the same direction, and has the corresponding transaction volume support, this will be a tend to open the signal. Then let’s take a look at the recent volume of Justice. The recent volume has tend to zero, even in a few hours, there is no transaction. Note that the recent development of the project and the operation of the community are still in effect, and there is no attraction. At the same time, it also verifies that the recent stops selling big households are sensible, belonging to smart money.
  1. Build a high-market value project, first need to build a high-quality high-level community, which is an extreme key factor in the success of encryption projects. The community’s error boot is a key factor in assangedao failure. Take the Discord Chinese Community. Chinese management is based on their own mood, and the deletion of people who have a high level of high-level people kicked the community. Finally, community members will have some users with stupid and distinctive ability, and the communities of this type of people belong to the garbage community, and they will be difficult to drive anyway. Therefore, community management requires a talent with a parent with wisdom.

Finally: Discrimination price movement is true or false unique way to analyze the volume of transactions. No matter what the community spreads, you only need to care about the Justice chain volume.

Translated with GPT-3

  1. The only way to reveal the secrets of the market is through volume price analysis. No matter how much the community spreads the word or how involved Vitalik, Amir Taaki, etc., top Kol participants are, or how many proposals the community is giving benefits, these are all surface phenomena. The only way to distinguish between real and fake price movements is through volume analysis, because volume cannot be hidden and is observable by all. When a coin’s price changes accompanied by high or gradually increasing volume, that change is considered effective. If the price continues to move in the same direction and has corresponding volume support, that would be a signal that a trend is about to begin.
  1. To build a high value project, you first need to build a high quality, high understanding, high level community. This is an extremely key factor for a successful crypto project. However, community misguidance ended up being the key factor for the failure of AssangeDao. Take the chinese Discord community for example. According to their own feelings, the chinese management kept banning and deleting people, and driving away those who had a high level of understanding. As a result, the community members became a bunch of idiots and users with low discernment abilities. This type of community falls into the category of a trash community. No matter how hard the head of the community tries, it will be difficult to lead them.

Therefore, community management requires a person with a sense of proportion, intelligence and wisdom who has a chance to succeed.

Lastly, the only way to distinguish between genuine and fake price movements is through the analysis of transaction volume. No matter how positive the community’s propagation is, you only need to focus on the transaction volume on the justice chain.

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Reasons why this project is difficult to succeed:

  1. The management of the Chinese version of Discord randomly deletes posts, bans and deletes people, causing Assange to become a garbage community. This is the most important reason.

  2. Due to the deletion of people and bans, the community lacks talents. Acceleration projects are difficult to succeed.