Website improvements

Starting this thread so we can pitch improvements on the website.

Not sure who can do them (I unfortunately can’t help since not enough skills).

My contribution:

It will be good to have on the website a section dedicated to Pak NFT (and possible other future NFTs own by the DAO or to be auctioned), section where NFTs can be shown with a short description for new folks that just discover the DAO. That way new interested supporters can understand the value in the treasury even when seems that there isn’t any.

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Agree. Also need to introduce #Justice Token. For example: market cap, ranking, trading volume, related exchanges, etc. I would prefer to have a special developer section.

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There needs to be an easy way to ‘on board’ new comers…How can they easily buy $JUSTIC on the secondary market and start participating in the community!


I’d appreciate a proper structure on the main page, in order to keep the forum tidy and organized. I can imagine that after some weeks the amount of topics will get bigger and the overview less clear because everything is on one page.

I think we could use a similar structure like with the channels in discord, which reminds to classical forum-structures. This would make things easier and more efficient, I guess.

any idea how to tidy up? how to set a protocol so things are organized?

I think taking the structure-tree of discord and moving the topics to its appropriate cathegory could be a good start. After that, people could post their topics into the cathegory, where it belongs to.

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Can you post the entire structure tree with your suggestions included here?

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Sure. Here is a suggestion of how I see the structure tree.

Assange DAO

Proposal Drafts
Assange Legal Defense
Social Media
Crypto World (NFTs, Tokens etc…)
Press Area
Legal Affairs

Official Links
Website (improvements etc.)

List of Countries \ Languages


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Thanks for this clear structure and we should set a working group for the website.
I can’t code but can help with anything else.

Maybe we should start with a simpler version and not so extended website. Simpler and effective and leave things like proposal drafts, memes, off-topic etc to be redirect to Discord and Forum

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I have added all of these categories except for FAQ and Links, which can be threads in the Website category. The only category that currently requires permission to post in is Proposals, since they should be submitted as drafts first.

I’m not worried about the categories becoming too complicated, since by default they are all combined when viewing the forum.

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Thank you,

My suggestion is to make the AssangeDAO website a bit more like (especially their FAQ section)

I can make changes to the Github and update the website when the community agrees. It clearly needs updating asap.

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You can submit a pull request to Github here:

Cool. How can we now move the topics to its approbriate cathegories? Is it also possible to delete a topic that I created, in order to post it later?

When you edit the first post of a thread, you can change the category. You can also delete your own posts. If it doesn’t work, let me know.

I’ve changed the title of this topic and changed the category from ‘site feedback’ (referring to this forum), to ‘ideas’

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I have updated the website (via github) as per community suggestions

If anyone has more recommendations let me know or you can also add to the github yourself.

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Constantly being asked to create new password - does not recognize nearly everyday, even on the same day!!! Any reason for the glitch?