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AssangeDAO has been added to English Wikipedia. Visitors, with or without an account, may suggest improvements at Talk page. Click “New section” to begin. Please bear in mind that any change must cite a reliable published secondary source—i.e., not a primary source such as AssangeDAO website, Discord or Twitter, etc.


amazing, thanks for that!

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Could this be added to the FAQ Wiki. Good idea.


This article is being considered for deletion from Wikipedia.

Apparently this person requested the delete: User:GorillaWarfare - Wikipedia.

Is there anything we can do?

GorillaWarfare is a heavyweight editor at Wikipedia. I urge you to not invite unknowledgeable AssangeDAO or Discord members to interfere in this process. It would only create a backlash among Wikipedians.

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can we do something to avoid the delete?

Asking her wouldn’t be an issue or? There is no reason to delete correct information. Just because she’s an editor their, doesn’t give her the right to delete the truth, right?

Wikipedia is not a democracy. This decision will be made by editors based on their understanding of the applicable rules. In this instance, the issue is notability—not of Julian Assange, but of AssangeDAO, which may not have achieved enough significant coverage (think MSM) to justify inclusion as a standalone article.

Is there anything we can do?
Gather some info/link about the DAO and send her?

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This has its own entry. CoinDesk - Wikipedia

Coin Rivet has been used in citations (at 64) previously - for example - Non-fungible token - Wikipedia

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Magazines & Publications

Which ones have Wikipedia entries?

  • Bitcoin Magazine. YES
  • Blockchain Magazine. NO
  • Cointelegraph Magazine. YES
  • Crypto Briefing. NO
  • News. YES
  • BitcoinExchangeGuide NO

This is a Yahoo News article

AssangeDAO listed here in Wikipedia as a “notable” DAO.

Business Insider article reference

ABC Australia article

From Singapore - Digital art auction raises more than $70 million for WikiLeaks' Assange

Wikipedia should delete other articles across the board evenly.

How they can justify technology articles as not actual news is beyond - when they often use as citations and have included under their own subject titles a number of them. Sigh.

Choose whichever you feel is best/ applicable - would be useful to add “international” references according to Wikipedia’s explanations.

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The DAO cannot force those two news outlets to cover - a Catch 22 - we have to learn to live with. If they don’t consider the amount raised as historical then there is nothing we can do to alter? Perhaps they are old fashioned or biased, or both.

Anyway you managed to get an entry on Wikipedia, so, well done.

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I noticed that the text changed… I guess we could make screenshots of the page and if it gets deleted, we can mention the censorship officially. I made 2 Screenshots yesterday, but didn’t capture everything… Sry for that.


Current screenshot

Deleted. Since the page AssangeDAO has been removed from English Wikipedia, I have deleted six of my intervening posts in this thread so as to not engender confusion about the status. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.