AssangeDAO member reveals Assange's private confirmation of Seth Rich as DNC leaks source

On May 7, 2022, AssangeDAO member @EWillHelpYou posted an audio clip at his Telegram channel consisting of a one-minute excerpt from an unreleased 1½-hour interview with an unnamed witness now under U.S. Justice Department action. The man relates hearsay that after Fox News Channel analyst Ellen Ratner—sister of then WikiLeaks U.S. lawyer Michael Ratner—met with Julian Assange for three hours at Ecuador’s London embassy on November 5, 2016, she reached out to the father of murdered Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich. Ms. Ratner conveyed Assange’s private message that Seth Rich, not the Russian government as widely suspected, was the source of stolen DNC emails published by WikiLeaks in 2016 to the chagrin of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Assange wanted this information relayed quietly to Seth Rich’s parents to help them solve their son’s murder.

EWillHelpYou presents this as Leak #3 in a series that previously included #1 THE MANNING TESTIMONY, posted December 27, 2021, consisting of a 1-minute audio clip of Chelsea Manning speaking on a date not specified at an unidentified venue in what purports to be “unreleased testimony” about communications with WikiLeaks, and #2 THE SYSTEM IS DEAF, posted May 1, 2022, consisting of a 36-second audio clip of an unidentified woman calling an unidentified office on a date not specified to express concern about the Julian Assange case.

First of all Im not part of that channel.

The rule is no harm to Julian. It sounds like it crosses the line.

Contact Gabriel or Jennifer Robinson.

A fundamental tenet of the organization that Julian Assange founded is that WikiLeaks will never reveal a source nor confirm one if publicly outed. In the Chelsea Manning case, for example, Assange continued calling her an “alleged” source long after she had pled guilty to transmitting U.S. military and diplomatic files without authorization to WikiLeaks in 2010. Similarly, Assange has refused to publicly confirm that Seth Rich was the source of DNC emails published by WikiLeaks in 2016.

EWillHelpYou’s Leak #3 risks potentially damaging WikiLeaks’ reputation in this regard by disclosing a private communication that Assange did not intend to be made public.

And that in turn raises another issue, namely Julian Assange’s privacy. Just as EWillHelpYou’s Leak #1 invaded Chelsea Manning’s privacy by presenting a bootleg audio without her consent, Leak #3 betrays Assange’s confidentiality without (as far as we know) his consent. This is at minimum disrespectful to Julian, Ellen Ratner, and the parents of Seth Rich.

The Rich family’s integrity is also impugned by EWillHelpYou’s Leak #3. In 2018, the Riches sued Fox News for having intentionally inflicted emotional distress on them by fabricating a story defaming their son as the DNC leaker. Two years later, the Riches accepted a seven-figure settlement with Fox News. If EWillHelpYou’s Leak #3 is to be believed, the Rich family profited financially despite having by been indirectly informed by Julian Assange that their son was indeed, as Fox News reported, WikiLeaks’ source of the stolen DNC emails.

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I wish @Ewillhelpyou stops milking his readership by engaging in this Qanon style LARP all the time.