AssangeDAO - Jobs & Volunteers

Dear Folks.

Before people create several topics, I decided to create one for Jobs & Volunteering. Please list up positions that our DAO needs. Feel free to post positions and also recommodations. Be aware, that I don’t take decisions who to take or so. I just try to make this thread to have a good summary of what we need and who could handle a position well. Volunteers are also welcome in my opinion. I will update details from time to time.

  • Crypto \ Tokenomics proffessionals
  • Social Media (All platforms)
  • Software Developers
  • Graphic \ Video \ Audio content creator
  • Mods & Admins
  • Marketing Team
  • Legal Team
  • Audit
  • Translators
  • Operational Lead

Further Details that need discussion:
Salary \ No salary? (ETH \ $ \ etc.)
What amount? Per Hour \ per Mission?
Time \ Goals \ Deadlines \ Milestones?
Anonymous \ Non-anonymous? Security? Trust?

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@rave made this list that is also a good starting point: Create a Who's Who List of Position Holders for better communication and transparency

  • Consensus Unit members
  • Core-team members
  • Admin Team
  • Community Mods
  • Mods (what’s the distinction in roles re above)
  • Marketing Team
  • Legal Team
  • Twitter Team
  • Design Team
  • Audit
  • Multi-sigs
  • Development Team
  • Final Proposal Writers/Editors
  • Project Leaders (name the project)
  • Language Translation Team
  • External Advisory Team

As far as I know. The Consensus Unit has been decided already before the DAO had been created (apart of the community Mods). This was clear since Day 1.

This Consensus Unit should be “in my opinion” untouched (except the Mods), for security reasons.

“Initially, the Consensus Unit will consist of Jen Robinson (Julian Assange’s lawyer), Gabriel Shipton (Julian Assange’s brother) and Stella Moris (Julian Assange’s fiancée) and our community moderators.”

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maybe we need a commander in chief

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Need a financing expert

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Need a MLM figure like Carnegie

Doesn’t MLM have a completely unethical shitty reputation? P.S.: Please use one comment, instead of three. You can edit each comment, clicking on the pencil, if you forgot something to add or so. ^^ That would keep everything more clean. :star2:

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MLM refers to the dissemination of talents。At the same time, we may also need to develop a public chain and introduce institutional funds.

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If useful, I’d be happy to translate some key documents to Spanish (for free). Some of the Petitions to Free Assange lack translation, for example - and the main DAO documents too, of course, but I’d need someone to suggest which ones, cuz I’m very new to all this :slight_smile:


This is a wonderful thread. Positivety!!! The main drawback is our limited budget. In the next 12 months I hope that all improves.

But if the DAO is to advance - that will have to be tackled soon - leadership > another successful project to replenish Treasury > allocation of positions.

Im happy to help wherever I can (zero technical skills). I also need to become a holder. So that is my next bit of homework. I have zero crypto know-how. But if I can work this out - I will try to encourage similar people to join.

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