AssangeAThon – August 31, 2022

Saving the Life of Julian Assange - Full Extended Version, posted to the online video platform Rumble on July 31, 2022, lists the AssangeDAO URL for viewers to consult for more information.

rumble re DAO

The video promotes a project launched the previous day on TRUTH SOCIAL that has spread to other social media, including Twitter, under the hashtag #AssangeAThon.

2022-07-30 1939 Entheos on Truth Social breaks AssamgeAThon

Its goal is to call upon persons of influence and authority in the U.S., Australia, and UK to show mercy to Julian. In particular, states the video, “We are calling for what’s known as a royal prerogative of mercy for Julian Assange. A royal pardon such as was received by World War II codebreaker Alan Turing a decade ago [2013] but unfortunately many years after his death [1954].” The AssangeAThon will climax on August 31—the 25th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. “We are calling on younger members of the royal family and MPs to lead the way on this very noble cause, a chance to do something actually beneficial that will be memorialized for future generations.”

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We must ignore this tacky Assange/Princess Diana name grifitng by Truth Social - Trump’s re election exercise. It has zilch to do with this DAO and the international community here. Whilst our DAO is here to support Assange’s freedom, its not here to do that as a by product to support any US Presidential candidate and to be usurped by any American political “entity” who borrow our name to give legitimacy to their aim to reinstate Donald.

Of course it’s true that TRUTH SOCIAL was created by an American company founded by Donald Trump. But it’s not true that everything posted to that site by its more than half a million daily active members serves the goal of reinstating him as president of the United States. In this instance, Trump does not benefit politically by the AssangeAThon. To the contrary, everyone knows it was Trump’s Department of Justice that in 2019 indicted Julian and demanded his extradition to face criminal charges in USA, and that in 2021 at the end of his term Trump refused to pardon Assange. Julian’s supporters, including seminal AssangeDAO Forum member @EWillHelpYou, are usurping TRUTH SOCIAL as a means to an end: to Free Assange. The fact that AssangeDAO is promoted as an information resource in a campaign that is already showing signs of traction on social media helps to legitimize AssangeDAO, not the other way around.

I’ve read their channel - Trump is wiser now don’t you know? :yawning_face:

Yep circulated by QAnon or the gullible.