Assange Stickers for Businesses windows

I was thinking it would be good to make an Assange sticker specifically for businesses with something like “ Free Julian Assange … this business supports free speech free press and free Assange” and get volunteers to hit the streets and cities going into shops to see if they will place a sticker somewhere in support of Julian Assange … maybe their window, their counter, their pin board or wherever… some shops may like more than one if they are keen supporters… if people start seeing stickers and directly in many businesses then it represents a bigger power of people…everyone in shop becomes a supporter in a way if they see the sticker up…

Again…it’s just another thought/idea

I feel…If they were given a sticker for free and business told it is a silent but effective mass show of protest and support for Assange, and that it will be world wide and growing…many may support…joining a global sticker wave for Julian… Businesses supporting will make government shudder I would think more than individuals.
They can also then be encouraged to take a pic of the sticker in their shop to load to social media…


I would be happy to spend days going around businesses in Tasmania… many support and sign petitions etc…I am pretty sure if there was a way to support more visibly some shops would be happy supporters…

This business supports

Just would be awesome to see everywhere

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What do you think about something like this?


Banners for big (sport) events.

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Love it… yes… banners like that at events are brilliant… and even can ask businesses and building owners if they would allow banners up on their fences etc if there are opportunities and places to do so… there are a couple of places in Tasmania here who always have a banner up for something…many things…and they have high visibility…I just have never had funding to do big waterproof banners to even bother asking people if they would hang them up for some time

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in my humble opinion,it will be better we make $justice a meme than what you say.
people like meme and we can get lots of people who own the toen.and when they get profits,they will help promote the project and improve the awareness of speech freedom.

I think if it’s an idea that a Grassroots Assange campaign/group can do better then the DAO should not do it. the DAO should focus on things that only the DAO could accomplish and grassroots activists could not.

Isn’t it more efficient to work together with grassrots campaigns etc.? Why not working together? At the end, we all have the same goal and can be stronger together. We can help them and they can help us.

In my opinion there are many grassroots supporters who supported DAO and none of them are knowing where $50 mill funds have gone to and I think many thought DAO was part of the grassroots crew and also have been requesting and appealing for ideas and members…so if they are not supporting grassroots actions , which I will also add, most grassroots supporters do not have funding to do banners etc…well what is the funds to be used for… we are not here to make money…we are here to support Julian… I personally would do many more actions but don’t have means to…

Anyway… I support DAO using money to help support real actions… $50 million in pressure and advocacy… not money sitting in a treasury and most people know zero about crypto…

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