Assange is part of justice,But assangeDAO can do more

Justice come from AssangeDAO but we should extend definition of justice
1 Can we use this justice support poor area people / younger drop off from school/ unfair area with conflict/ where need help by using justice?
2 can we lock at least 20% of justices coin to support justice where it need help
3 can we use taxing mechanism,each transaction tax1% to add to justice pool ,once those coin from pool have been donated to some area and burn it some

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reply to point 2: I think there aren’t any tokens left for that, all the tokens were distributed and the general feeling is that shouldn’t be created new tokens, which I agree.

reply to point 3: It think that it will mean to a new contract (and token version 2) that isn’t a good idea in my opinion


The token minting mechanism is still open if the DAO members decide that the treasury should mint more tokens.

Alternatively if the DAO members decide that there should be no more tokens minted, the option to mint more tokens can be permanently closed.

Right now there are no plans to mint more tokens unless members propose and vote on that.

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yeah lets vote on that, I think we shouldn’t mint more and close that option, I’m ready to vote!