Assange Book Club with Julian Assange


I have spoken with the Assange Family and Julian would like to propose to the DAO that we start an Assange Book Club where every 2 (or so) weeks DAO members could nominate books to read. Julian would then choose the book from the short-list and DAO members and Julian would read it for that period. Books could be chosen a few books in advance to give everyone time to get the books and read along together.

We then could have a twitter space or other meeting at the end of each reading period and discuss the book together. (Unfortunately Julian obviously cannot attend the meeting as he is in Belmarsh prison without internet access.)

The Assange Book Club could also be open to the public to encourage more people to get involved with the DAO. The public would be very interested in knowing and following along what books Julian is reading.

Please post your thoughts and comments and suggestions.

One idea I had was that somehow the DAO treasury could benefit from affiliate sales of the books.


Cute. I suggest Nils Melzer’s book “The Trial of Julian Assange.” A deep and unbiased investigation of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture to all people that want to understand Julian’s case better until February 2021.


I can’t understand English, but it should be good if there is a reading atmosphere in the community, although I can’t participate in your discussion. But I can also read the professional books in my work. After all, I still have a lot of professional books I haven’t finished. If there is such an atmosphere, I’m looking forward to it


Unfortunately, I can’t understand English. I’m looking forward to the collision between Western wisdom and Eastern wisdom

Would nominations be restricted to books specifically related to Julian Assange and/or WikiLeaks?

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I suggest The Circle & The Every by Dave Eggers, which belong together. Besides those two I suggest
Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking.

While the first two are fiction they resemble a lot of things that exist in reality and are great for having discussions. They inlcude stuff like surveilance and power dynamics within a company. Since they’re novels they’re very approachable even for people who aren’t hardcore readers or don’t like non-fiction.

Hawking has written down some interesting views on the world and the future so I think it’d be interesting to hear what the community thinks reagarding some of the questions he asked and tried to answer.

Can Mr. Assange’s reading experience be sent to our Dao community by voice or text? Or through what channels

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There can be a reading channel in discord. I can punch in every day

Good idea, it allows the community to have more connection with Mr Assange. It is recommended to consider these options:

  1. In the next update of the official website, add some form of book to be sale, fans can directly purchase books with justice token;
  2. In the nft plan, we can consider displaying few the content of the books that the community and Mr. Assange have read and recognized for a period of time (I am preparing the nft plan personally)
  3. Some channel content of the community, can be print out and mail it to Mr. Assange (if possible), so that he can also know what is happening in the community by reading, also looking forward him to provide some suggestions;


  1. 下一次官网更新,增加某种形式的图书发售,粉丝可以直接用正义币购买图书;
  2. 在nft计划中,我们可以考虑展示一些社区和阿桑奇先生一段时间以来阅读并认可的书籍的内容(我个人正在准备nft计划)
  3. 社区的一些频道内容,可以打印出来邮寄给阿桑奇先生(如果可能的话),让他也可以通过阅读了解社区的动态,也期待他提供一些建议;
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This is an excellent idea.
Not sure yet how the affiliate idea could be worked out, but I think its definitely doable.

I think community engagement with Julian is healthy for both parties, and a book club is an excellent way to open minds, create interest, and strengthen each other’s perspectives.

Fully in support of this, hope the community will loudly support as well.

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We want to do just cause, to save Assange and defend our freedom of the press - we must first have a healthy body and a good mood - which, let’s start from the beginning of TCM.

Maybe we can start a project that earns while learning, like earning while playing and earning while playing. (like axie, lstar, gmt)

Yuval Noah Harari’s books are also amazing, presenting human kind’s history, presence and future in an unique and entertaining way. Would be nice to ask for an interview with him, regarding Julian.

I love Yudkowsky’s Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, a didactic work: every chapter or few illustrate a different cognitive science/rationality idea/study, in a gripping and hilarious re-imagining of Harry Potter. (Knowing HP in advance is not needed for the plot.) It’s divided into 6 sub-books, but I reckon we’d just read the first (sadly also titled The Methods of Rationality).

free pdf: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - LessWrong
free audiobook: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality – The Methods of Rationality Podcast

Classics… But I enjoyed them.

  • The Gift of Anger: And Other Lessons from My Grandfather Mahatma Gandhi

  • Papillon (Henri Charrière)

  • The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas)

  • The Beach (Alex Garland)

My actual book suggestion this month?

Stefania Maurizi’s: “Secret Power - Wikileaks and its Enemies”

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I presume Julian also probably reads it right now.

Enjoy it.