Apologies for being inactive - I am giving 2.5m JUSTICE to the DAO Treasury

Hey guys - I am ready to get more involved in the DAO again.

I have given 2.5M JUSTICE to the treasury.


Also want to apologize, I made a mistake when updating our website (was trying to make a discord.assangedao.org subdomain) and it caused the DNS records to be cleared and it took quite a while for the DNS records to propagate back again, so the website and forum were down for a day.

There are other DAO members web devs who have access to the web server but they aren’t active - would be great if more web devs volunteered!

Also more Discord mod volunteers would be welcomed :slight_smile:


Thank you for your efforts on Assange DAO, Assange Dao has been going nowhere for months, it is time to push the project for better development, otherwise he will always be a shell.

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I was aware of the issue relating to the DNS and told that it was resolved. There wasn’t anything that could be done server side to remedy the issue.

Anyhow am active and around if help is needed.