Another DAO has developed a NFT collection for Assange - but we were out of the loop?

"Assange, who is currently fighting extradition to the United States, is not involved in the venture though he is said to be aware of it. "

“holders of the limited-edition Assange NFTs will become Trustees of AIIA”.

So who benefits?

His lawyers should be negotiating a fee for the usage of Assange’s image by artists for his legal fund, if they benefit from Assange’s profile IMO. Why is his image “free” - because he is stuck in a prison?

However why wasn’t the Assange DAO collaborating with this artist? That would have been officially sanctioned by this DAO and the consensus unit.

The artist “put the dissident in touch with crypto artist Pak, whose collection Censored raised $54 million”.

I’d like to know how much money Manetas display raises and if a fair amount for the use of Assange’s profile for publicity purposes will be channeled directly towards Assange’s legal fund, via the Venice Biennale or the AIIA related DAO.

" proceeds of the NFT drop will enter a DAO that forms part of the Venice Biennale Festival’s Internet Pavilion, a tech tent founded by Manetas in 2009."

'As mentioned, money raised from the sale will go into the Internet Pavilion DAO, meaning art collectors can help decide which art projects the Pavilion funds in the future."

With my customary caveat that I am not an attorney, I must challenge your assertion that “His lawyers should be negotiating a fee for the usage of Assange’s image.” In describing This Cannot Be Erased, the story links to a 36-second YouTube video in which the only image of Assange is what Bitcoinist calls “a unique oil-on-canvas painting of Assange produced by Manetas. The works display the face of Assange, fracturing before coming back together, never to disappear.” Assange does not own that image. Miltos Manetas does. The artist is free to do whatever he wants with his artwork without compensating Assange.

YouTube credit

Be accurate: Nobody said Assange owns the image but he does appear in the work with the artist advertising it (seemingly with no formal permission). The Biennale benefits from the marketing and ticket sales. Don’t try to over simplify. Why should the ‘model’ receive nothing when others profit?

Also Pak IMO showed the most ethical pathway as to how artists borrowing the Assange profile should respond IMO. He/they consulted the family.

More credit they deserve.

Pak surrendered almost the entire amount raised for Assange’s legal fund. Around $2.1 million was raised , for separate organisations only. $1.9 million in cryptocurrency from the Censored sale was donated to the Ukraine government.

$52.8 million was sent to Assange’s legal fund. Im not even sure if Pak made a cent out of this. The motivation for this DAO is to focus on Assange. Amazing philanthropy.

So brother hasn’t figured it out yet? This is a scam to raise money, who cares about your dao development after taking the money

Assange is not affiliated with that DAO - only ours.

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