Announcement: Justice Art NFT Marketplace

Hi everyone

For the past few weeks myself and others, including E, have been developing a project that we feel is now at the stage where we can share it with the DAO.

If the DAO is happy with the project, we are 100% happy with completely transferring ownership of the NFT Marketplace to the DAO - no strings attached. We can always launch a snapshot vote later once we have added more features.

Currently the Justice NFT Marketplace is running on Goerli Test Network. (It can be launched onto ethereum mainnet)
Users can mint (must also list for sale if minting currently), sell, buy (collect), resell NFTs such as images, videos, gifs, etc.

The Marketplace also can ban (delist) NFTs. NFTs can’t technically be deleted. Users cannot import NFTs to our Marketplace unless they were originally created on our Marketplace (this is done on purpose to ensure all NFTs on our Marketplace are unique and are of quality).

The NFT Marketplace has it’s own IPFS gateway and everything is stored in IPFS and also cached by our Gateway for faster loading times.

Users can pay in Justice tokens for the NFT (gas fees must also be paid afterwards in Eth). The NFTs currently add 5% royalty all NFTs which is permanently set to AssangeDAO treasury - so the AssangeDAO treasury could greatly benefit from this project. Currently there are no other fees or royalties in place but we could theoretically let users put royalties on their NFTs.

Currently it works with MetaMask. Users will have to pay gas fees to mint NFTs.
The Ethereum blockchain was chosen as it is what the JUSTICE token uses. However if needed it is possible to switch the NFT Marketplace to use a different blockchain.

We will share the live working demo on the goreli test net sometime within 1 week
However if you are a developer and would like to help - please let me know and I will get you github access and vercel app access and you can help right away.


The goal of this Marketplace is not to try and compete with Opensea or Foundation and sell NFTs. Our marketplace is different - it’s a place for artists and Assange supporters to create artwork that relates to Assange/JUSTICE/WikiLeaks/Cypherpunks and all the things that Julian Assange represents.

It is more about creating art that supports Assange and creating a community for Assange supporters and artists to express themselves and their ideas and promote Julian’s freedom and Justice for Assange rather than trying to sell generic NFTs.

We should be able to incorporate a Generative Twitter Avatar Profile Pic project into the Marketplace - we could dynamically generate 10,000 Assange avatars, making them each unique and random and you won’t know what yours looks like until you mint one.

Additionally, I am working on a Justice Token Price Tracker cryptocurrency bot to tweet out stats.

More features are being worked on. The more devs we get onboard the faster we can launch on mainnet.


Either way interested to see the artists that will mint on this platform.

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What happened to the agreements made here at the March 4th meeting. - concerning governance being primary and the negativity of unilateral decision making. MEETING NOTES: AssangeDAO meeting on Friday March 4th at 9pm CET (8pm UTC) Twitter Spaces

And this: The First Step Toward AssangeDAO Governance - AssangeDAO

That is not the protocol agreed upon by the community. The DAO required draft proposal first - temperature check - then a snapshot voting before projects were launched. In fact the DAO agreed that governance should be sorted out first. Hardly any of the agreed upon priority safeguards have been put in place. @GabrielShipton and Consensus Unit.

Edit - Further I see that this project has already been announced on AssangeDAO twitter. So it was always going to be a forgone conclusion and stuff the protocols/rules/agreements or input from the community.

Do you have any staging page AssangeDAO members could check out the planned marketplace? I think we should follow standard procedure and do a vote.


Is there any potential legal flak with other NFT developers such as Opensea before this launch, Silke?

Thank you & E for your efforts and contributions for us. the marketplace is great innovation.

  1. It looks like a new product, but not a complete solution to support the operation of the community.
  2. There are many traps in the encryption field. If we create a new product, there will be many unknown risks at the security area.
  3. At present, there are many problems needs to be solved in the community. For example, governance, human resources, treasury fund use planning…etc.

Therefore, it should not be suitable to enter the voting stage at present; it is suggested that we need more consideration and discussion to improve it.

I will provide a supplementary plan to discuss.
Let’s continue to work hard together to improve it.

@GabrielShipton @Silke


I think the creation of the NFT Marketplace is a great move, especially since it will provide ongoing revenue for the DAO’s treasury. This will allow the DAO to do a lot of good.

My only concern is the legal issue, as our DAO is a non-legal entity, but running an NFT Marketplace requires a series of legal entities to take on things like website filings. I doubt that a non-legal entity could do that.


Yes, that is a feature not a bug, I had proposed similar things in the past, but the DAO is not at all decentralized, it is a centralized autocracy.

Yes, I pointed this out months ago, but legal compliance is not among the concerns of the people who are running this organization.