AIPXX: Hire an Operations Leader (Draft Proposal)

AIP: ===
Title: Hire an Operations Leader
Status: Draft
Author: Rave & PMA
Created: May 2022

Summary: The Assange DAO is a recent project which aims to complete its governance framework and build upon its potential growth. We therefore seek a professional Operations Leader to coordinate its functionality and build a comprehensive roadmap for our DAO’s future. This position would be funded from the Treasury for at least 6 or 12 months (with 1 month probation).

Motivation: The proposal to hire an Operation Leader was drawn from a recognition of ideas which have been expressed by the community on the forum and discord. In essence, the community has acknowledged several shortcomings affecting our current ability to grow – such as the complexity in creating funding for future projects, completing governance, prioritising our “ideas” for projects, synching with our internationally diverse community, marketing the Assange DAO to the media and filling all the essential work roles with strongly skilled participants.

Specification: This position would be advertised via Twitter and/or a suitable technical recruiting agency, yet to be selected. The successful individual would be industry recognised and would possess many key skills sets including prior work experience in at least one DAO at a managerial level, detailed technical knowledge of DAO frameworks, lead discussion on a wide-ranging Assange DAO roadmap, supervise finance, provide oversight regarding marketing and media communications. If necessary appear at international conferences and front the media. Confer with the Assange Family. The position would be remote. The Operations leader would be expected to organise a community call (every 15 days or monthly). Before the final selection, a snapshot would be held for the community to decide on the Operations Leader from a list of the three final candidates. A brief resume would be included in this final step.

Drawbacks: Depending on the candidate’s experience, the 6 month payment would be between US$40-50K or the 12 months payment would be between US$80-100K, with any bonus negotiated, based on end gains to Treasury and output (performance). The payment would be by the month in a currency of the successful candidate’s choice. Extra costs associated with the proposal would be those relating to recruitment– advertising, agency fees, legal etc. Currently the Assange DAO has 198ETH (approximately US$400K) in its Treasury.

Simple Vote:

  • Yes if you are in favour of using treasury funds to hire a professional Operations Leader for 6 months (US$40K-50K)
  • Yes if you are in favour of using treasury funds to hire a professional Operations Leader for 12 months (US$80K-100K)
  • No if you do not agree

Please don’t cast your vote here, this thread is to improve this draft not for voting. Feedback, amends, improvements, opinions and/or disagreements are welcome and recommended! Thanks

Proposals rules:

Posted in the Forum for feedback: 48h (minimum)
Cooldown period (voting delay): 24h
Voting duration: 48h
Voting system: Single Choice Voting
Vote delegation: Yes
Quorum: 5% $JUSTICE voting overall


By the way, thanks @EWillHelpYou for removing all my privileges, mods, etc including being on the core-team because I gave my personal option about your participation in a forum thread. Well done making the unilateral decision by yourself and kicking me out because I just questioned your absence and efficiency here, after me being here non-stop and tireless for last 4 months fighting for the DAO and after all the time and energy I put into this as a volunteer. Well done and thanks for that!

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Thank you for everything you have done for the DAO

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What are you expecting @Ewillhelpyou is a crazy Qanon larper.

I am skeptical that you are going to find an “operation leader”, who is going to be willing to take on the legal responsibilities of the DAO, when the DAO is not even a legal entity much less a LLC, and therefore they will face the full legal responsibility for the legal non compliance of the DAO.

I also question what “operations” the DAO wants to be engaged in, because currently the only acceptable mission is “free assange by any means”, i would say that perhaps the money ought to be spent hiring a lawyer to file a writ of habeas corpus, which to me is the only acceptable use of the DAO funds.

I think that before you hire a “operations” manager, you define the project that you want to undertake, otherwise you are just hiring someone with no direction. Lets say that we hire this “operations” person, what is their job going to be, moderating discord and the forum? Or rather is their job to come up with a business plan?

I think that we need to first determine what the DAO exists to achieve, which will dictate the people that need to be hired, before we start hiring for amorphous job positions.

Nevermind - its off-topic. Disconcerting if true.

The above draft makes it obvious - as does the feedback that has occurred on this forum from the diverse community for a number of weeks. The individual would be required to build an approved roadmap for the DAO, improve its funding and collaborate with everybody so it has a future. The mission remains as is.

The members are desiring direction, more funding projects and someone who has industry experience and the time to pull everybody together. In principle @GabrielShipton has given some in principle approval to recruit an Operations leader.

There is already an in-house lawyer and Jen Robinson is part of the Assange Family/Consensus Unit.

If the mission remains “as is”, then I don’t see what “roadmap” will be needed, aside from the legal strategy, because the operations of the DAO are limited to that which will free Assange. Jen Robinson appears to be an Australian, is she licensed to practice in the United States, and you say there is an “in house” lawyer, who is this person and where are they licensed? The thing that is lacking so far is that there hasn’t been a pretrial writ of habeas corpus, and accomplishing this is the most straight forward path to actually accomplish the DAO’s stated mission.

Otherwise I don’t know what you mean by “pulling everyone together” the operation of the DAO has done exactly the opposite of that, even apparently banning @PMA from discord from criticism. Moreover the inherent complaints that people have, is the lack of investment based expectations, which cannot be accomplished with the DAO’s currently stated mission.

I believe that we need to hire an independent counsel, which is separate from anyone who was a founder of the DAO, by placing an advertisement in the Virginia state bar, which will put the DAO into legal compliance, file the writ of habeas corpus on behalf of the DAO and Julian, and moreover to look after the interests of the investors in the DAO.

The DAO has paid for the commencement of legal actions by the Assange legal team in the US. Not sure if they are considering this kind of activity. Gabriel has pointed to more aggressive legal action. Maybe there is more happening behind the scenes in that direction.

sure, then who is it, and what have they done so far? Perhaps start a section on the forum, where we can organize the case law.

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Barry Pollack is the US legal rep.

Can you add another thread then. Not on this thread.

This demonstrates that he has been sitting on his ass for 3 years and not doing anything. It really makes me wonder why he hasn’t filed a pretrial writ of habeas corpus, and just let Julian rot in Belmarsh prison this entire time.

This does not satisfy my demand that we hire an independent counsel AS A DAO, as a DAO we can hire the attorney to write such a petition on our behalf, and moreover to put the DAO into legal compliance, and act in the best interests of the investors.

You repeated your idea already xx times on this forum and people don’t involve. Are you sure, that Julian’s Lawyers didn’t already consider your plan if you are so confident that it could free Julian?

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Sorry for the double-post, but your comment belongs somewhere else (maybe here? White knight in shining armor); but idk what it even means, let alone what evidence you might have for it.

Correction: Only some complaints are financial. Many want to move forward 1st with advancing the value of the DAO, and many want to move forward 1st with more direct actions to free Assange.

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Barry Pollack has been Julian Assange’s U.S. lawyer since 2013. In November 2017, in an unrelated case, Pollack filed a federal habeas petition in Washington D.C. district court on behalf of Brig. Gen. John Baker, who had been held in contempt and ordered confined.

Obviously Mr. Pollack has first-hand experience with this procedure. It may be that because Assange is not incarcerated in the U.S., it is Pollack’s considered professional opinion that a federal habeas petition would be dismissed as premature. In any event, AssangeDAO should not second-guess Assange’s choice of legal representation and positively ought not to engage an additional lawyer without Julian’s consent.

Then perhaps they should represent that, but instead they have represented how frivolous the charges against Julian Assange are, which indicated to me that they should have done the habeas corpus.

So your position is “stop asking questions, and stop noticing patterns”?

Moreover, i have said that an independent council should be hired FOR THE DAO, to protect the best interests of the investors of the DAO, in addition to doing this task which should have been done previously.

This is not the case because the united states has tried the shell game of keeping prisoners in Guantanamo bay, in addition to “black sites” in an effort to avoid the US Court jurisdiction, and ultimately the power of the court to issue the writ extends to any circumstance where a person is in the custody or control of the US government even with an agreement with a foreign actor, not where the person is imprisoned.

Moreover, by not attacking the faulty indictment, they may have extended the time that Assange will do in prison, because the United States will eventually appeal, and Julian will stay in prison while these issues are litigated, and its entirely possible that they could have gotten the entire indictment dismissed, due to the representation by Stella that the charges are frivolous.