AIP: Change the name of the governance token from $JUSTICE to $TRUTH


Change the token name to $TRUTh.

Proposal details:

Change the token name to $TRUTh.


With the first phase of the DAO completed with a stunning result, it is time for everyone to rethink the purpose and meaning of this DAO. Truth is what sets up free. Assange is jail for telling the truth. So are hundreds of journalists around the world. I believe it is the time for the DAO to broaden its mission as an advocacy for free speech and freedom for journalism. And $TRUTH is a better name for that end.

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agree +1. I think it’s necessary

I don’t think the denomination $Justice is detrimental to the broad mission of freedom of speech advocacy. The DAO is not for mimicking the mission of, say, Wikileaks, i.e. transparency and truth, but for JUSTICE to its purveyors. Ok, maybe not as strong an argument, but if you consider that $Justice has been in many cryptocurrencies news outlets and is already listed in important trading platforms, for ever linked to the historic, record-breaking DAO that raised $53 M in 4 days, then you have a tremendous value in the brand itself that I think AssangeDAO cannot lose.


I like this idea. Plus everyone will be able to search $truth on twitter.

Agree +1 Nice idea. And our token should be findable on twitter

The goal is $Justice, the method is Transparency.

Paraphrasing a friend.

I agree that the branding of $Justice is a form of public clout that the DAO shouldnt trade away. We have a lot of mention in the public spectrum already that can be capitalized on.

Our decisions should be based only on pragmatic gains overall, and financially, rebranding would be highly detrimental to future and current value, a volatile and unecessary risk to community assets at best.

For these reasons respectfully, I would pass on this proposal, no offense meant :pray:


Happy to accept this draft proposal but you need to add a header like the other ones in the repo. Please don’t self assign a number yet but put a tag like rename-to-truth as your number.