AIP: Ask Pak To Return The ETH To The DAO


The authors propose that AssangeDAO community should vote to ask Pak to return ETH to The DAO.


The AssangeDAO multisig member is McKenna, Silke, Fisk, lunar_mining and narodnik make decision on their own without listening to community. We believe what multisig member doing are illegal.

The majority AssangeDAO member has voted not to doing max bid: Assange Family unit - Maximum Bid

But the multisig member still going to max bid. They should take snapshots vote before making their bid


There has been a lot discussion on the forum and discord to take snapshot vote. “Asking Pak to return ETH to the DAO”

Please stop :nauseated_face:
It’s not funny anymore.

I agreed. The team made the decision, not us. The team has not listened to donors’ voices.

Happy to accept this AIP draft, but first can you fill it out with more details. What does it mean to ask Pak? Please detail with more specific instructions what we will do in the scenario that this AIP is accepted?

lol, stupid idea, it is a donation