About rebuilding community and team trust

Now due to the team’s initial round of donations and MAXBID, although the team has explained, most people have been forgiven. But the trust of the team and the community has been greatly damaged, and it is time for us to rebuild that trust. Ways to exploit code, not personal reputation. To attract more people to our organization.

  1. Audit the contract code as soon as possible.
  2. Establish a voting system as soon as possible, which can give Assange’s family a total of 10%-15% of the voting rights.
  3. Turn off the additional issuance button, or only reserve the right to issue additional tokens for 1%-3% of the shares. This is a key factor in our organization’s ability to scale rapidly.
  4. Carry out the election of multi-signature personnel, and formulate the requirements for the elector’s office in advance.
  5. The project team will make a weekly announcement of what is going on in order to better communicate with the community.