About Assange, dao's community spontaneity, thinking about large-scale collaborative work mode

During this time, I have been thinking about the spontaneity of the dao community: the large-scale collaboration model, the specific model for the spontaneous operation of the community, and finally I personally came to the conclusion: we must keep pace with the times: we can use some web.3 tools: to facilitate our dao Go to work: app.clarity.so/assangedao But this dao tool: is not very popular yet. For those who have professional ability and are accustomed to the working method of web.3, there may not be too much learning cost: I suggest that everyone who has a computer, who is familiar with the small fox wallet, and members who are willing to work for dao can join in , for Assange dao, go to work spontaneously, thank you, of course, I do not exclude you from using web.2 experience and your own way to promote the development of the Assange dao community, but Assange dao wants to lead the trend of dao, it must be There must be a web.3, dao way to large-scale collaboration: in this working group. Community members can spontaneously initiate the task of earning justice: please have the ability to complete community tasks: for example: task assignments: write a cx copy, design a poster, or comment on a certain twitter, etc., to achieve the task of earning justice How justice works: Let more people join the Assange dao work community to earn justice:
You can take a look at this dao tool first, and think it’s great: you can comment and leave a message to support me. I can invite everyone to join in: here is the invitation link: everyone can come and see: Clarity — The simplest workspace for decentralized teams
Just a community temperature test for now

Clarity - the easiest workspace for decentralized teams for the time being: with the help of web.3 tools, members of the Assange dao community can earn justice, so that everyone can promote justice in the Assange dao community and get economic rewards, which can call for more Professionals who want to work in web.3 join the work of dao and promote Assange dao: including everyone you know: zerolu team